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  1. Ah man I used to love those match plays! *sigh* Memories... I gotta chuckle at all the talk of alcohol in this thread. I drink, but my favorite part of the DL by far is the espresso machine. The wonderful D concierge on Mariner in December finally showed me how to make a proper Americano... apparently I was doing it wrong for years!
  2. Can’t tell you for sure what the holdup was or whether that level of delay is common, but our tour guide indicated that it’s often slow and people are often late. We tried to leave the ship at 9 for a 10:00 tour, and weren’t out of the terminal until 11:00. Fortunately it was a private tour for just our party, so the (FerTours) guide didn’t mind waiting. She was great.
  3. Just to add some info on the Breakaway: A fun, lively ship with good nightlife, but the standard balconies are TINY (the actual balcony itself, not the room). This also goes for standard mini-suites. Way below industry standard size. I was on Breakaway twice and sprung for an extra large balcony (B6) the second time and didn’t regret it. Overall a a little more crowded and less wow factor than the Oasis Class, but still a lot of fun.
  4. Did this cruise last month. Majesty is dated but in good shape. Layout is choppy and inefficient compared to newer ships, but Majesty felt less crowded, which was nice. Food was subpar compared to other RC cruises. Visa can be easily purchased through RC at check in and billed to your on board account. Disembarkation in Cuba was HORRIBLE - took us 2 hours ship to street... Allow plenty of time. We used FerTours (private tour) and had an excellent experience. Overall no regrets taking that cruise and I would do the whole thing over again.
  5. Was in a bungalow last month on Cococay and really enjoyed it. Interesting to hear that they're still on the planner for July... I was looking for a bungalow for my December Symphony cruise and I don't see them there anymore. Anyone know what the deal is? To answer OP's question, I didn't notice anyone exceeding the 6 person limit. The bungalow next door had some visitors for a little while, but they left before too long.
  6. Really enjoying your review. Thanks for taking the time!
  7. Dave85

    Just back from Havana

    Thank you for the report! Looking forward to Majesty and Havana over here, and my private tour. Thanks for confirming that they are the way to go.
  8. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but which cruise is the "snowbird migration?" lol
  9. Thanks for the review! Hopefully they can get those elevators fixed soon... that is annoying.
  10. Thoroughly enjoying the show on Periscope... just need to make sure I catch the hilarious late night scopes before you delete them in the morning :')
  11. Sorry to hear that. That’s really an oversight, especially with Mariner being placed on these short 3/4 night cruises and intended to appeal to a younger crowd... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. You definitely don’t need a single use venue that ONLY serves as a nightclub. However, there are ways to do it that achieves something better than a space where it feels like a total afterthought. I haven’t yet been on a Voyager or Freedom Class ship since they removed the original dance clubs (maybe later this year for both), but I’m having a hard time picturing the VCLs on those ships sufficing for that purpose... I defer to those who have actually sailed with it though. I don’t mean to just pick on RC. NCL made this mistake on the Escape, which uses the Skyline Lounge; nice casino bar, but a dreadful venue for a club. Looks like they corrected their error on Bliss. Ultimately, I think the Bliss/Harmony/Symphony approach will be the one that sticks with a dual use model where some thought was given to the space serving as a club. I look forward to trying out the concept on those ships in the years to come. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. In my experience crowding is more a function of time of year than anything else. I've sailed the same ship at different times of year and found it more or less crowded, generally depending on whether school is out and how many 3rd and 4th berths are full. I'm looking at Indy for later this year and generally able to cruise when school is in session, so we'll see.
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