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  1. BoDidly

    Havana Rooms?

    I think there over priced with little privacy other than being inside the cabin with the curtains closed. However I do see where people could enjoy being in one . Just not my cup of tea .
  2. BoDidly

    Reduced Deposit

    You're correct, I hate that Carnival misleads their customers. I either pay our cruise off or make two payments. And I avoid ES like wildfire.
  3. BoDidly

    Reduced Deposit

    During winter and slow months. They claim to sail full . Everyone knows these reduced deposits wouldn't be necessary if they truly did.. Hang in there , it's coming !
  4. BoDidly

    Can't take my name off dinner waitlist.

    None that I know of , must be website blunders. The site is famous for that.
  5. BoDidly

    Can't take my name off dinner waitlist.

    Did you think of calling Carnival and request this ?
  6. I've been having my coffee in the AFT of the ship for years, who cares what anyone calls the back of the ship.. Is class over now ,I need to grab a late lunch .
  7. BoDidly

    Horizon December 15 Questions

    Yes it does , there should be a small expresso machine there as well.
  8. BoDidly

    Fantasy Drydock January 2019

    Well I truly was hoping someone would have helped you with your post by now. You can bet the mobs of people will arrive early creating long , slow moving lines. And more than likely board earlier. Your options are to wait till later with the chance of not parking in the covered parking area or flock to the lines with the masses . When we visit this port we try to do a park n stay package and park in a higher area, it's known to flood. Mobile has a quite a few great restaurants and I do rather enjoy Mobile and its history in itself. Perhaps grab a bite to eat. What ever you decide just be prepared to go with the flow .
  9. BoDidly

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    Now that's cool :).
  10. BoDidly

    Carnival CEO, Gerry Cahill's email

    I burned my mouth on chocolate melting cake ๐Ÿ˜œne time. But that was five years ago, but it still burns ๐Ÿ˜
  11. BoDidly

    Carnival Excursions website down?

    I know this is drastic but , sometimes you have to reach back into the past a few century's . Hell๐Ÿ™ƒ ? I'd like to book a cruise/ excursion , am I talking to a live and for real pers๐Ÿ˜†n ?
  12. Wait a minute now , that's pole dancing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . BTW wearing the hat backwards is a sure sign of a redneck. You guys had an outstanding time I can tell , keep it coming !
  13. Not to my knowledge . Perhaps Heald could explain it to you .
  14. BoDidly

    Alcohol questions ๐Ÿน

    Yes and No. Depending on the port and the Carnival Security mood at the time. I have seen it go both ways . Where as Security said no, and the people drank their soda before boarding.
  15. BoDidly

    New Carnival Smoking Policy

    It simply is amazing what people will do to their bodies. Even though I doubt if this new Carnival rules makes any difference.