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  1. I got a couple of those already .
  2. Espresso for a fee, regular coffee free. Eggs Benedict still available. You can even get green eggs and ham if you want it.
  3. Everyone gets to enjoy life and cruise lines know this . You're so very welcome .
  4. The ports of call should provide information as to where to rent wheel chairs. Carnival in the past would let you use theirs for free but now it's for a fee and onboard the ship only. Special needs should be able to provide you with more information. Enjoy that cruise .
  5. Yes , contact special needs dept. It makes things much easer .
  6. I had a few things turn Blue in my younger days, quite sure the dentist couldn't solve that problem though .😵
  7. Makes me wonder if she was the Triumph or Sunrise when that fire broke out on March 21/ 2019. So when will she actually become Sunrise ? After the ceremony ?
  8. So whats the latest from our local reporters on this ship ? any updates ?
  9. I have become a fan of the Dream class ships, I'm sure you will too. Think of her as a larger Sunshine with more amenities . Not as crowded as Sunshine even though there's more people. Still plan on arriving early to any occasions , just to be ahead of the masses.😳
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