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  1. Yes. The Flytoget airport express train runs from Oslo Central Station, literally out the back door of the hotel, directly into the airport. The signs in the airport are clear. The train runs every 10 or 20 minutes like clockwork. You buy tickets from a simple-to-use machine. The trains are designed for passengers with luggage. A taxi to or from the airport will take 2-3 times as long and cost much more. The walk from the tracks for Flytoget in the Central Station is about as close to the Thon Opera Hotel as the Explorer's Lounge is to the World Cafe on a VO ship.
  2. It's a large business hotel. Rooms are adequate in size but extremely well insulated for noise. Location is fantastic for walking to major sites.
  3. I don't understand the question. All the PV cabins are fore and aft. None are mid-ship. Viking has placed DV cabins mid-ship on decks 4, 5, and 6. Are you concerned about the difference between something like cabin 6072 and 6092? You won't notice anything different. As for movement, all the suites - the most expensive cabins on the ship - are extremely fore or or aft.
  4. We did Bergen to Oslo as a post-cruise extension and can confirm that the standard class seats are fine. They are comfortable, two across on both sides and with plenty of leg room. This is something I am fussy about, and I have no complaints. The Viking hosts provide coffee, snacks, meal vouchers, and they were good tour guides on what was a very scenic trip. We had an excellent city tour in Oslo the first morning after arrival, and not dealing with luggage at either end of the train trip made the cost of the excursion, which I usually find overpriced, to be well worth it.
  5. I think the general consensus is that the laundry room and elevators are not a problem, other than that it is perhaps best not to be directly across from either one. Two rooms away and there are no issues. As for port/starboard, that depends on the itinerary. When at sea, the ship is often too far from land for it to make a difference, but you never know. When it appears that one side will have more views of land, we take that side. As for PV1 and deck 6, I think the questions are why PV1 rather than PV2 or PV3, and why deck 6 rather than deck 5 or deck 4. All PVs are identical in space and benefits. Whether you want to be fore or aft is entirely personal. It might depend on how easily you want to get to the Spa or to the Explorer's Lounge, but otherwise, it is arbitrary. Unless there are mobility issues, which might lead to being very strategic about your location relative to fore/aft public facilities, it is not a mega ship, and all walks are easy. We don't take Deck 6 because we don't want a public space above us. The difference between PV cabins that may be of interest is that they have two different designs for access to the veranda. One design has a sliding door, the other a window and a hinged door with a solid wall between them. Most prefer the sliding door for a better view.
  6. It appears you have this figured out. Sorry I can't help with experience about those cabins.
  7. It is difficult to help you with this unless you explain a little more about what compensations you expect the DV cabins on Deck 7 to have. All DV cabins, from DV1 to DV6, will be the same size, and have the same policies regarding the minibar, pre-cruise specialty restaurant reservations, and pre-cruise excursion reservations. Do you expect that there are some other specific benefits or advantages to being on Deck 7?
  8. On our June 2017 Into the Midnight Sun trip, we had to skip the Shetland Islands. Nothing wrong with the ship. Just bad weather. That's the way cruising works. Tough luck.
  9. Cabins on lower decks and midship are more stable in severe weather. Aft cabins will be more convenient to all of the dining facilities (Decks 1, 2, and 7), and forward cabins will be more convenient to the Explorer's Lounge on Deck 7, the Theatre on Deck 2 and the Spa on Deck 1. Except for Explorer's Suites, the most expensive cabins - the suites - are on higher decks. I think that is simply tradition, rather than because there is anything "good" about being on a higher deck on modern ships like VO.
  10. Why specifically PV1 rather than PV2 or PV3? The difference between PV and DV is significant, but all PV are the same size and have the same restaurant reservation policy. Deck 6 has no advantage over Deck 5. If you are walking down the hall, you would not know whether you are on 5 or 6. There is no culture of prestige associated with higher decks on VO. The Explorer Suites on Decks 3 and 4 are far more expensive than DV cabins on 7 and 8.
  11. CCWineLover and Cocopico: We are doing Santiago to Buenos Aires in Dec 2020. Will be very interested in what you have to say. Thanks!
  12. We have done 5 VO cruises, and were confident nothing could ever top Into the Midnight Sun - until we did Iceland's Majestic Landscapes.
  13. We've done an extra day on a post-cruise extension, and here is how it worked for us. 1. Called Viking, and was told they would not be able to confirm whether we were booked in the identified hotel or a "similar" until 30 days before the cruise. 2. Made a reservation at the identified hotel for the third night, making sure that it could be cancelled with no charge within the last 30 days. Not sure what I would have done if the hotel had a non-cancellable charge. 3. A key point is that the reservation for the Viking extension and the additional reservation are not "coupled" by the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel with the extension group and got our room assignment and key from the desk set up by Viking, we then immediately went to the registration desk of the hotel to make sure we could stay in the same room. As it turned out, they would have had us moving to a different room. We would have had to check out of the Viking extension room by noon and would not have been able to check in to our new room until 3 PM. They worked this out at the registration desk and allowed us to stay in the same room. They were very accommodating, but I got some hints that the hotel could have had reservations for the third night that would have made it necessary for us to move. Even with the same room, I had to go down to the front desk after the two nights with Viking, give them my credit card again for any additional charges and get the room key reactivated for the third night.
  14. I certainly hope it would not work, and I doubt that it would. You are not in Vegas. If it worked, word would get around, others would start doing it, and the concept of no charges for the specialty restaurants would become a facade. If you try it, do it very carefully, because if I saw it, I would report the maitre'd to the hotel manager.
  15. Remember everyone - you can block anyone whose comments you do not want to see. After logging on, go to the drop down menu under your name. There is a link to "Ignored Users" and you can add the names of contributors whose comments you would prefer to avoid. You can also do it directly by putting your pointer directly on a name. A menu will appear with the option to ignore the user. It can make this website a much more enjoyable experience.
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