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  1. Some have mentioned that food was brought to their tables, others have said that it did not work that way. I would expect that pandemic procedures would at least eliminate all self-service utensils at all stations. Is that correct?
  2. JM: Thanks for the information. Were only 350 onboard because Viking is limiting capacity? Have they removed any tables to increase spacing between them?
  3. Can recent cruisers describe how the World Cafe is operating now? Have selections changed compared with the range of offerings before Covid?
  4. Ok. Sorry. Now I understand. I am in the same situation as you. When I logon to MVJ, the front page has a message saying: Coming Soon My Viking Journey is currently unavailable for Mississippi river cruises as we put the finishing touches on these distinctive voyages. We will notify you as soon as it is ready for you to view cruise & flight details, manage reservations & more. For more information, or to talk with a Viking Specialist, call 1-855-706-2326.
  5. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question, but why would you be looking at My Viking Journey for upcoming cruises you have not booked? The Viking River homepage, www.vikingrivercruises.com, has had the Mississippi options open for several weeks, and some are sold out.
  6. There is nothing new about these price reductions and it is not evidence of "scrambling." A few years ago, I booked a cruise onboard, and nine months later rebooked it for $500 less per person, even after losing some of the onboard booking discounts. They have vast amounts of data about how and when cruises sell and they have always adjusted prices accordingly.
  7. I really find it odd that all the doom and gloom talk does not take into account the fact that Viking is Norwegian flagged. It is a great source of pride to Norway, a key long-term source of tourism, and Torstein Hagen is extremely well-positioned in Norwegian politics and banking. This is not an American company dealing the the politics of "bail-outs." No way Viking is disappearing.
  8. "Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge" Ancient Chinese proverb I could make an argument for the exact opposite conclusion about Viking, one that is equally worthless. Viking has a large percentage of retirees. Retirees have not lost jobs. As a retiree who remembers the 1970's oil crisis, early 1980's inflation, Black Monday, the Dot-Com bubble, and the Great Recession, my retirement income is well-positioned for our current situation. I expect many others are in the same position, at least among the lucky percentage of our population with the assets to take Viking cruises. The Viking demographic will be back long before the Carnival demographic. Pick whichever story helps you sleep at night.
  9. "Risk Free Cancellation" with a statement to "Call for Details" remains prominent on the Viking homepage.
  10. I think if you Google "Viking Ocean Dinner Menus" you can find a great deal of information. In addition to Manfredi's and Chef's Table menus, here's one with all dinner menus for a 14 night cruise: https://eatsleepcruise.com/2019/11/viking-ocean-cruises-restaurant-guide/
  11. We once sat near a couple who came into the Chef's Table without understanding anything about it. The woman looked at the menu and said she wanted a caesar salad and grilled salmon, and that is what they served her. I don't advise going in with this plan, but they will accommodate you. Even with fixed menus, they are always prepared to accommodate dietary restrictions. As for the wine, it's all about the wine for people who want it to be all about the wine. I can't drink red wine (I get severe headaches), so whatever the wine pairings are, I ask for white wine only, and that has never been a problem.
  12. If you look at the Oslo-Bergen train schedule, there are only two possibilities, 8:25 AM to 2:57 PM or 12:03 PM to 6:56 PM. It's almost certainly going to be 8:25.
  13. The dress codes do not change. Jeans in the dining room or specialty restaurants will generate the same issues (whatever those might be) as on a Mediterranean cruise. Styles change. For example, on our cruise out of Miami to the Panama Canal, there were a lot of colorful Tommy Bahama shirts on men in the evenings. You won't see those on the Northern Lights. As for temperature on the ship, I've found polo shirts comfortable during the day with both the warmest and coldest outdoor itineraries on VO.
  14. Of the items on the "What Viking is Not" list, the only two that are not entirely accurate are the No Smoking and the No Waiting on Lines. I've never smelled smoke anywhere, so as a practical consequence, there is no smoking. Those who do not smoke are seeing an accurate description of the environment. The concern should be by those who do smoke. They might think there is literally no where they can go. Of course, no waiting on lines is not true. There is a line to get into the Dining Room at 6 PM, there are lines at several stations in the World Cafe, there are lines waiting to talk to staff about excursions for the first few days. However, the idea that the list is "confusing" or "tricky??" Really now. Yes, it's a double negative. But is anyone really confused about what is being described about accommodations on the ship?
  15. I believe it continues to run at peak times. It's called Delta Premium Select. Seating is 2 X 2. Try DL260 from MSP to KEF in June 2020.
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