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  1. Well, I can’t take credit for the snobs and slobs, that was someone else’s take. I’m not saying everyone fits into one of those two categories. I’d say that perhaps you don’t fit into either one, but based on your response and the fact that you seem a bit offended it does appear that you lean a certain way. You can still dress for dinner, you know. What others wear doesn’t affect that. Times change.
  2. Okay, I think we’re done here, lol. I wasn’t talking about life in general, I said and was referring to vacation and the two camps on this specific cruise topic. You consistently seem to be more concerned with sounding intelligent, superior and being “right” than taking the time to understand what the other person is saying, which is a losing combination for conversation. “Snobs” vs “slobs” isn’t literally people who dress poorly vs people who dress nicely. If that were the case I’d be calling myself a snob. It’s about attitudes and perceptions. Read blazerboy’s original comment again. Enjoy playing yourself by “judging the covers”. The only person that puts in a bad headspace and has a negative effect on is you, due to imagined slights. I’ll continue not worrying about how others dress on my vacations and being happy. Btw, the term you’re looking for is “logical fallacy” not “illogical fallacy”.
  3. Is it truly two sides of the same coin though, as far as being equivalent? In my experience the “slobs” are happily enjoying their vacation, minding their own business and being comfortable in what they choose to wear while not judging the choices of others. It’s the “snobs” that tend to become apoplectic and constantly on the verge of a breakdown, because others dare not conform to their standards. They ruin their own good time by becoming angry at things that are none of their business and don’t actually affect them. I actually feel sorry for the “snobs” and how miserable it must be to live like that, but there’s definitely a sense of amusement for me as well, which draws me to these posts, lol.
  4. We hit the 30’s and can get a bit of frost in Central Florida as well, though that usually only happens a few days during the winter. But you’ll still see people in open toed shoes all the time, myself included. You know someone is a true Floridian when they are bundled up from toe to ankle, yet still wearing flip flops (or sandals-don’t want to get into that again!). Edit: Just saw you’re from Sebring. Thought you were in Vegas. 🙂
  5. You do realize that not everyone lives in Canada, correct? Note that nona0541 lives in Las Vegas. She has about as much need for shoes that protect her from frostbite as I have here in Florida.
  6. It was pretty obvious (and funny), IMO. Some people take things WAY too seriously here, to point of embarrassing themselves with their haughtiness.
  7. I wasn’t going to comment on this thread, due to all the insufferable snobbery, but I just have to ask this. Are you just teasing with this response, or do you really take everything so seriously that you felt the need to educate someone on what was quite clearly a joke? I’m kind of hoping it’s the latter, for sheer entertainment purposes.
  8. There is no formal night on 3 day cruise. Instead there is a Dress Your Best night, which is night 2.
  9. Someone posted a letter from RCI on another site yesterday saying that their mid September Allure sailing was affected by the propulsion issue and therefore their St. Thomas stop was being changed to San Juan. So it doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed anytime soon.
  10. She’s going to be smaller than RCI’s Oasis class, at only 180,000 GT. For comparison, Symphony of the Seas is over 228,000 GT. Curious to see how this will pan out. Seems like it could be unpleasantly crowded.
  11. Pretty sure it's hazelnut and French vanilla. I'm positive Italian sweet cream isn't available, as that's my favorite and I'd have been thrilled.
  12. We did a submarine excursion in Cozumel last year that was awesome. You go down about 100 feet to the sea floor. We saw thousands of fish, some sharks, small rays and a big manta ray. I highly recommend it! I haven’t been to Roatan yet, but everyone talks about the sloth sanctuary there.
  13. We figured out how to get past it. In the drop down menu where it asks how you plan to arrive at the port, choose “consecutive cruiser.” It won’t ask for an arrival time, so you’ll be able to proceed with check in.
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