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  1. 19 minutes ago, Purples said:

    I am curious if they can make coffee in their rooms - saw a jug in a room on tv - but Princess do not usually have coffee making in the rooms - wishing for a good outcome for everyone caught up in this

    Yes, on the Japan/Asian itineraries there is an electric kettle in the room so one can make tea, coffee, etc.

  2. A few years ago when Sea Princess was on the World Cruise, there was a free shuttle offered to a mall in Lima. From there we took a taxi to the Historic Centre/downtown - lovely to spend time there. After strolling around, visiting churches, and eating dinner, we then grabbed a taxi back to the mall and took the shuttle back to ship. Keep in mind there is a lot of traffic in Lima so allow enough time to return.


    Not sure if this shuttle will be offered on your cruise.



  3. How about bringing on a french press? You could have room service bring hot water. I'm thinking about trying that on my next cruise. I just can't stand the coffee on Princess!


    This is what I do! I love flavoured coffee and bring my own ground coffee wherever I travel. I now have a plastic Bodum French Press that is perfect (I used to have a glass one but it broke). I call room service for a carafe of hot water.



  4. We love going to Payne's Bay Beach. This is a gorgeous beach! It's quiet and most people on the beach are holiday makers staying in rented condos or a nearby hotel. It's about a 20-25 minute taxi ride from Bridgetown or the cruise pier at a cost of $16 USD one way.


    You can rent loungers and an umbrella (two chairs and one umbrella) for $20 USD. There is a small beach bar restaurant/shack with a covered area of picnic tables where you can eat flying fish sandwiches (specialty of Barbados, do try it!) with macaroni pie and drink rum punch and Banks beer. You may pay in US Dollars. Also a loo (toilet) behind the beach bar.


    You may also take a boat ride or a jet ski ride - saying that, it is not a noisy beach where I saw only one couple partake in the jet skis in the four hours that we were there.


    Easy enough to get a taxi back to the pier by walking to the road.


    Enjoy your day!

  5. We walked around Basseterre first to get a feel of the town, then headed back towards the pier area and arranged with a taxi a private half-island tour for two hours that included: Caribelle Batik/Romney Manor (Entrance fee of $3 USD pp. Lovely area and nice items for sale), the Brimstone Hill Fortress (we had to pay the $10 USD pp fee entrance), some stops with great views for $60 USD.


    I also wanted to go to the beach so we chose Shipwreck Beach Bar and Grill at South Friar's Beach and that was $16 USD each way, so $32 USD. We spent nearly three hours there; had a great lunch, time in the water, and relaxed on the simple lounge chairs (which was included with our lunch or drinks). It was a great day! I've just heard that the Shipwreck will be closing at the end of this month.


    There would be no problem to arrange what you would like to do at the pier. Plenty of taxis available.


    Enjoy your day in Saint Kitts.


  6. Sure, a few years back I was on a Hallowe'en cruise. The atrium, various bars, buffet, etc. were decorated. Lots of carved pumpkins in the Atrium. At night there was a costume party with dancing and prizes given out. The kids had their own party and went "trick-or-treating" to various bars, International Cafe'. Lots of fun! Many passengers and crew were dressed up in a costume. Cheers.

  7. I reckon they would put on the Hallowe'en festivities just the same, no matter if it is a long port day.


    A few years ago I was on a cruise on October 31st when the ship was in San Francisco for an extended evening port time (I think until 11pm); and the party was on for those that wanted to participate. Lots of passengers did dress up in costume and so did many of the crew.



  8. On some ships, Star, and Grand, for instance, there are ping pong tables inside - upstairs where the covered pool is. On Majestic Princess, whilst still outside, there are nets all around the five ping pong tables.



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