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  1. The new show (saw last week) is great - however, there is one scene that I was embarrassed about (my 9 year old was with me). They had - only for one scene that did not go along - at all - with the rest of the show inappropriate things for kids. Whips, chains, black leather, face masks and men being led on hands and knees like animals on a chain. THat one scene brought the show (in MY opinion) from an outstanding PG show to a R. I had to answer questions about that afterwards. Real let down (to me). But, if you're not brining a young kid in, it's only about a 2 minute scene and the rest of the show is AWESOME! I really enjoyed it.
  2. We were on the Oasis this past summer and their kid's club is GREAT! We had tons of time without our daughter - not that we got rid of her ... she WANTED to go. The kids club even will take them to dinner as long as you have them checked in by 4:30. One cool thing we discovered is that after dark, you can go to the front port side hall that passes the kids club, there is a door to the balcony which is over the bridge. Not only is this a great way to see the front of the ship, go out on the wings of the ship, and see the ocean, (but it's windy), but you can see into the kids' club, but the kids cannot see out. Great way to check in on your kiddos, without them seeing you!!! ;p;pMy 8 year old had a blast and asked to stay late (after 10 it's $7/hour or something like that). Totally worth it if you want to go to a late show or something. Have a great time - and tell Lady O we miss her!!!
  3. My daughter has been on three cruises so far; NCL Escape, RCC Enchantment of the Seas and RCC Oasis of the Seas. She absolutely LOVED the kids club on both of the larger ships. I felt that NCL does a better job of doing things with the kids, but she still had a great time. If you ask her what her favorite part of the cruises were, she says the kids club. I too wondered about Princesses kids club as we're looking into a cruise next summer on Princess. From what I've red they have a great program.
  4. We were supposed to do the baths but were exhausted and overslept. I regret not doing the baths as many have said itโ€™s an amazing excursion. We walked around town and took an island tour from a local bus driver that was amazing! Beautiful island and the people are great! Try a pain killer (drink). I will most definitely go back in the next couple of years. Iโ€™d move there tomorrow if I could - my favorite port to date! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Just got off a Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise. Missed so much from the Escape. Kids club, small touches, room steward, teen clubs...NCL ... were loyal guests! Sorry we strayed!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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