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  1. Agree with others, make sure to download before leaving. I’ve tried to download audiobooks while connected to WiFi and it didn’t go well.
  2. I wrote a 120-page scientific report and 15-page manuscript while on the conquest a couple of years back. I wasn’t planning to work on vacation until I couldn’t meet my deadline before I left and my choices were to stay home and work or go on vacation and work. It was oddly relaxing. The internet was an issue. It took at least 2 hours to send the email with the completed documents attached.
  3. LOL - great tip. I use these too and like them a lot. I've had mishaps with other methods. Once when I didn't use tape it rained, causing the ink to run and the paper to get soggy and rip off. Another time I "laminated" with tape, but had no way to staple it on once I arrived at the port. These are really handy and now are just part of my packing check list. To the original question, sometimes I print in color and sometimes I don't. Never seemed to make a difference.
  4. I feel your pain! Currently struggling through my last week before leaving and I'm really struggling to focus.
  5. Well shoot. I'm sorry to hear it was not all you hoped, especially since I was one of the ones saying positive things. I'm heading out on Elation next Saturday so I'll be interested to hear what some of the issues were.
  6. I’ve had good luck with texting (via iMessage) using the social (lowest) WiFi plan onboard. In ports, it will depend on your carrier. With t-mo I get free texting and data almost everywhere without having to activate any kind of international plan. Since I travel internationally a lot for business and pleasure, this was a game changer for me. Tried the hub chat feature one time and it was spotty. I would have to close and reopen the app to check for new messages and sometimes missed time sensitive things (eg, meet me in 5 minutes at x location). Can’t comment on particular WiFi locations in the ports you mentioned. Sorry!
  7. FYI - I sent my passport for regular renewal on 1/18 and I haven’t yet received it as of today. (It’ll be three weeks on Friday). I’ve been following the data points on passport processing times on FlyerTalk and they are somewhat variable. Some are coming back in 2 weeks, some are taking 4. Still great compared to their stated times of 4-6 weeks, but I wouldn’t count on 2 weeks as a certainty.
  8. I'm booked for February 17, 2020 in a cloud 9 spa cabin (sadly, no Thalasso pool). Can hardly wait!
  9. Thanks for the great trip report! I'll be taking my 9 and 7 year old daughters on their first cruise on the 4/1 Inspiration sailing. My mom and I did this same itinerary on Imagination in December 2016 and our weather was very similar to yours. I hope it's better this time around!
  10. My thermostat looked exactly the same and I was in an interior
  11. There was a brand new thermostat in my room and I was chilly a couple of nights. It worked very well! Can’t speak for every room of course, YMMV
  12. I was on the Elation last February and I'm doing the exact same itinerary (even staying in the same room) in a month. I thought the renovations on Elation were great. Much nicer than the other fantasy class ships I've been on in the last few years (Imagination and Ecstasy). I do miss the outdoor movies and I don't love Jaxport (my cruise last year was delayed several hours due to fog but I certainly don't hold carnival responsible for that). Otherwise, I really enjoyed my cruise. I'm not fussy at all, don't let much bother me, and have occasionally been accused of being too cheerful. The only thing I really care about on vacation is getting good sleep. The beds are soft, the room was dark and quiet, and thanks to the overhaul had several USB outlets for phone charging AND an in-room beverage cooler. I was a happy cruiser.
  13. Agree with others - this is my favorite location to book (especially interior cabins - love the dark and quiet! Best sleep ever!).
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