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  1. I am now on board and have a precise answer to my specific question for the history books. In 2020, on the NCL Star in the Garden villa it is very easy to attach your laptop to the TV. You just need an HDMI cable. The remote control for the TV in the main room is not hobbled/limited and you can simply press "source" on it to switch the signal to the HDMI cable. I hope this helps future travelers.
  2. I just love the sound of this! You make me so excited for this trip. The fact we can write down our order will make things so much easier than trying to do it over the phone.
  3. I don't want to break any rules! Don't worry. I know that for example I can't order 14-night package between and try and try and split the credits between two people. What I was hoping to do though is to be able to alternate which two of us (Mom and Dad vs Twins) is ordering from the speciality restaurant. Otherwise we will end up with far too much food! Of course if that twin is the person ordering that will be their meal (not mine). The twins love steak so I thought it might be nice for them. I can't guarantee I won't have a taste though occasionally 🙂 I think though you are right though that I will just check with the Butler on board about whether they feel comfortable with just 2 people ordering from speciality, and the other 2 ordering from room service before buying the two kids meal packages.
  4. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been so helpful on this thread. It is very much appreciated! 1) I will download a universal remote control app. 2) I will ask my butler in case there is a secret remote. 3) I will cross my fingers!
  5. So just to understand they don't allow generally for two people to order from a speciality dining for room service, and the other two people in the cabin to order from the regular room service menu at the same time? That is good to know.
  6. My plan was to purchase 2x10 night dining plans for my 12-year old twins. My rough idea was that would give us 2 nights where we could dine as a family (in Teppanyaki or Moderno) and use 4 credits for each meal. Then we would have left over 3x2 and 7x2 room service credits and we would use those to order room service. I must admit that I was thinking that on a few of those nights I was planning to use credits for two people, and then the others order from regular room service, as it is a lot of food otherwise! Do you see a problem with this? I am not sure how they could enforce for in-room dining the idea that we couldn't sample from each other plates.
  7. Thank you for the warning! We will focus our order each night from just one speciality restaurant then. This is a stupid question but were you able to get food from Moderno's delivered to the villa? I mean is there a way of saying bring me some "grilled pineapple, grilled pork, and grilled beef and rice" and then it happening. Probably not but I thought I would ask!
  8. Good on you! I have always liked the Norwegian MDR but on our most recent sailing on the NCL Gem we fell in a pattern of eating at the buffet with 3 of the kids, and then sometimes going "out" for a meal as a couple (with a baby) afterwards - and taking turns in jiggling the baby if he got impatient. Having said that some of my favorite experiences on cruises have us all being eating together as a family - but that was more on DCL rather than NCL where the service is a more kid-orientated.
  9. This is very helpful. A long time ago on the dawn I got them to bring out a secret remote control to switch the inputs on our TV but that was just after the refurbishment and when they had removed the DVD players, and I got them to fix up a DVD player.
  10. We are very excited to be in a Garden Villa on the Star next week for a 14-night cruise. This is our first time in a villa. We are a family of 6 (2 adults, 4 kids). I am busy wondering whether it might be advisable to try and eat in our suite for dinner most of the time. I think I understand from the postings on this board that we can use our dining plan credits to get a meal from Cagney's delivered to the villa. Does anyone see any drawbacks of trying to get food from le bistro, cuchina and cagneys delivered to the villa rather than eating in the dining room. I am assuming that you can't get Moderno food delivered. We have eaten at these restaurants on the ncl dawn so I assume it will be similar as an experience. The pros to me of dining in the villa is that I won't have to worry about my 1-year old jumping around and disturbing people. The main con I can see is that it may feel like less of a "experience". Thank you for your responses. If it looks like a good idea, I will get a 10-night dining plan for my two older daughters, on top of our already included 5-night dining plan (for the parents).
  11. Thank you. I was looking at this image trying to see whether there was obvious sign of blocking and got hopeful.
  12. I would like to link my laptop to the TV in my cabin on the NCL star. I know that usually they restrict the ability to select an av input on the TVs so people have to buy the movies. However I got them to override the system in a suite on the dawn to add a DVD player back in 2015. Has anyblone had recent success?. I am imagining I would try and use an HDMI cable. We are staying in the garden villa so get free movies so they won't lose money on this!
  13. This has been a very interesting discussion to read. My observation was for booking a 2021 cruise in YC in Feb from Rio. Thank you for the warning about the status match program potentially ending soon. I am going to try and see if I can get my Daughter's status on DCL matched before it does!
  14. My husband just got matched to being a diamond on MSC. This used to be what was called black I believe. Interestingly he got matched to that from being platinum on DCL (you get this after 10 DCL cruises) which I suspect means we have cruised less than most people who get matched to diamond. Anyway, I am a gold on MSC. Further we have two cabins booked because we have four kids with an adult allocated to each cabin. I understand he gets a tasting menu free. However, I think reading the very long FAQ https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/VC-Terms-102019.pdf that I am not allowed to attend his dinner with him as I am not in the stateroom. However, I wondered in practice whether that is enforced.
  15. Thank you for the most excellent review - I had read it before (there aren't that many reviews) and it is incredibly useful. We said we would never cruise MSC again after our 2018 cruise, but I am back again because I am so excited by the itinerary! We had some specific service issues which freaked us out but the more minor (but generally applicable issues for us) for us were: - Buffet was a fight club. - Food for dinner not that good. The waiters kept on offering us HP sauce. - Trivia offerings were poor to non-existent. - I thought the best show was the opera show. The other shows struck us as rather dated and rather sexist. - Pools were very salty. - Kids Counselors were irritated at having to deal with English-speaking kids. However, as I am envisaging that this boat will be party Caipirinha-land most of the moans should not be an issue. And we can eat at boring family-friendly times to avoid too many crowds in the buffet. Like you we tend to go NCL. And they would definitely win over MSC for us, but they are not offering anything like this for this itinerary so we are back!
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