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  1. Do you have any tips or suggestions for newbies? We are sooooo excited for this vacation and can't wait to start being able to book stuff like hotels, flights, excursions, etc.
  2. Good afternoon We have been on 3 cruises so far, and all of them have been 7 days. We are booked on a 14 day cruise out of Tokyo sailing to Seattle in 2021. Can you please tell me how the ship's time works for this type of cruise? We are crossing the international date line and gaining a full day in the cruise. I know on our other Caribbean cruises ship time was the time of the home port, but where we dock at a different port in a different time zone (and day) how does the time on the ship work?
  3. We booked a 14 day trip in 2021, and I was wondering the same thing. Do we have 4 formal nights? What changes will be made for the long cruise?
  4. We rent one because we are very fair skinned from Northern NH and burn very easy. The shade is crucial to our enjoyment!!!!
  5. I have seen these cabanas start at $499 and go up from there. Has anyone paid less than the $499 so far? I am trying to decide what we need/want on our upcoming trip. I know we need shade as we extremely pale northerners. What other options are there on the island for shade other than a cabana?
  6. Good morning We have sailed Carnival before, but this is our first Royal. So far I am extremely frustrated with the website and how expensive all the pre purchases are. So for all of the experienced sailors please help answer the following questions: 1) Does Royal do prepaid Photo packages and if so when do they typically appear for purchase 2) Can we prebuy any type of water other than the $40 Evian bottles? 3) When will stuff like the escape room show up for us to book? 4) What is your favorite tip specific to the Harmony or to Royal Caribbean? Thank you for y'alls help Kim
  7. We are on the September 8th sailing. Which week are y'all going next year? We also are dying to book dining packages. The wait may kill me. Thank goodness I can book the airplanes and hotels!!!
  8. What part of NH were you in? You must have flown out of Manchester? I am in northern NH. We always fly down the day before just to be safe. :)
  9. Good afternoon We are going on the Harmony of the Seas next year (2019). This will be our first cruise with Royal, and I was wondering if the dining packages and escape room could be booked before paying off the cruise? The only thing currently showing is excursions and the drink package. We want a dining package so we can eat at a few of the specialty restaurants, but won't be able to pay the cruise off in full until next spring. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Is the a macine on the Harmony? Sent from my SM-G925V using Forums mobile app
  11. Thank you to everyone who can help answer some questions. We have sailed on Carnival a few times already, and decided we wanted to try out the Harmony. Royal's website isn't the easiest to navigate so I have lots of questions. 1) Are the Casinos well ventilated or do they have a strong smoke smell? 2) Do the ships have lots of activities like trivia, bingo, etc 3) What is the best option for specialty restaurants? Do you buy a meal package? Do you reserve before boarding? 4) We have had oceanview balconies before, this time we are doing the Boardwalk balcony. What did y'all think of this room type for those who booked one. 5) Is the arcade big and are the games expensive? My daughter lives in the arcade. 6) Are there any spa deals or spa treatments that are a must have? 7) What other tips do you have to seasoned cruisers new to Royal? Thank you to everyone for any tips or advice y'all can offer. I am in planning mode now and can't wait for 2019!!!!!
  12. Is it 7.95 per item or per order? Sent from my SM-G925V using Forums mobile app
  13. We rented a villa and loved every minute of it. It was a luxury for us, but we knew we need shade as we all burn very easy. (We are to use to northern NH weather) I also liked the idea of having our own bathroom. Everyone has things they pay for and things they skip. It is a personal preference, and people need to stop judging!!!
  14. We were on the Conquest last May in room 1104. I LOVED IT!!! It was so quiet, and the Lido deck was right there. We use the Spa Steam room and sauna quite a bit as they were right next to our room. My son used the spa to shower and get ready since it was so convenient. I would recommend that floor to anyone.
  15. That was the price I paid last summer when we were on the Conquest. I ended up cancelling the cabana, and booking a villa. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend villa b or c. The bathroom alone was amazing!!!! I would fork out the cash again for the villa.
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