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  1. Good morning I don't sail until next April, and have found myself dreaming about cruising every day now. It really is addictive. My daughter and I are avid cruisers and have been on Carnival several times now, but this will be the first on the Breeze. So in an attempt to satisfy my need to cruise..... tell me your best tip or memory about the Breeze. Hopefully we can generate some fun posts until cruising reopens.
  2. Read as much about the ship as possible to find out the specific tips for that vessel. 1)We did the behind the scenes tour on our first cruise and loved it!!! It was expensive, but we got to meet the Captain, see the bridge, galley, brig, engine room, and all the areas guests can't go. I would highly recommend this to everyone. To get it you have to go to shore excursions as soon as you get on board and book it asap. We only had 10 people in our group so it filled up fast. 2)Try the steakhouse as it is amazing. We love the atmosphere and the food. YUM 3)Scope out deck p
  3. We are on the 4-10 Breeze and it is not showing up. They must be updating it by boat maybe? I will keep checking as we really enjoyed it.
  4. It isn't showing up for our cruise yet, but I will keep checking.
  5. Do you have any tips or suggestions for newbies? We are sooooo excited for this vacation and can't wait to start being able to book stuff like hotels, flights, excursions, etc.
  6. Good afternoon We have been on 3 cruises so far, and all of them have been 7 days. We are booked on a 14 day cruise out of Tokyo sailing to Seattle in 2021. Can you please tell me how the ship's time works for this type of cruise? We are crossing the international date line and gaining a full day in the cruise. I know on our other Caribbean cruises ship time was the time of the home port, but where we dock at a different port in a different time zone (and day) how does the time on the ship work?
  7. We booked a 14 day trip in 2021, and I was wondering the same thing. Do we have 4 formal nights? What changes will be made for the long cruise?
  8. We rent one because we are very fair skinned from Northern NH and burn very easy. The shade is crucial to our enjoyment!!!!
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