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  1. cruise222

    Question about when to board the ship

    Thank you, that helps a lot!
  2. we are on honeymooning on a cruise of Italy/Greek isalnds. Should I leave my wedding rings at home? thanks...
  3. cruise222

    Embarkation question

    If embarkation on my cruise starts at 12PM (doesn't set sail till 6PM)...but I get there at around 1:30...should I expect to stand on a long line to get on the cruise...if so, about how long? thanks for any info!
  4. cruise222

    Question about when to board the ship

    do you think the line would be really long? about how long do people wait on line on average? thanks!
  5. Hello: We will be taking our honeymoon on the Grand Princess (the Greek Island cruise.) Embarkation begins at 12PM, but the ship doesn't sail till 6PM. Any suggestions on what time we should get to the ship? We will be travelling from Rome.