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  1. I could not print out the final signed document so all was lost...I just realized I should have done this before leaving the US.
  2. how early should I board a Azamara cruise? The cruise departs Piraeus at 6 pm but I wasn’t able to check in online.:)
  3. >> Re shore excursions you would need to consider long trousers if you intend to visit any churches or monasteries Another reason to travel light and informal: so one can stuff a pair of long trousers into a small backpack one carries with oneself on the shore excursion which would include a visit to a monastery.
  4. Thanks! I want to pack very light...and not have to worry about attire...relax on the very first cruise of my entire life...without being consumed unduly about appearance.
  5. I'm going on the early October 2017 cruise of the Cyclades. I am wondering how informal attire will be, as I am not a coat-and-tie man. Would slacks and a knit shirt or button-down shirt be O.K. for meals in the restaurant and elsewhere on-board, with walking shorts and a T-shirt and Merrell hiking shoes for the shore excursions? :)
  6. >> We have T Mobile in large part because of their international plan. When I need to make a phone call, I use Skype, which I can access through the T Mobile data plan or via Wifi. It's free to another Skype user and pennies per minute (like 3 or 5) to non-Skype users. Jean, This sounds good, as the international plan is $25 per month additionally and allows for unlimited texting. Will that work even being out at sea though or on an island?
  7. >> There will be a local guide for each of the ports who will set up a desk near Guest Relations on deck 4 and they will have maps and information so go and see them if you plan to go out on your own. As I said it's easily done in all of the ports except Kusadasi. You really need to take a tour there. The Turkish people are great, but very pushy to sell you something. That's really helpful to know. I will probably strike out on my own in Mykonos, as being a tourist amid a lot of other tourists--I'm assuming Mykonos will be the most tourist-y and flashy--is not my cup of tea, especially as the tender drops you right in the center of town rather than at the dock. And Kusadasi I will join a group tour for the reason(s) you described.
  8. I think it makes sense to download the music one wishes to listen during the cruise onto one's device.
  9. Yes, I found it and will be following it in the three weeks to come. Also, I'm reading about the six ports. I'm wondering which ones would be O.K. for a solo excursion: just walking/wandering about town and admiring the views, cats, buildings. Sometimes I do look to strike out on my own. But at the same time I don't want to get lost! My smartphone is an older Samsung and the GPS did not work well in Paris last September. I understand the Azamara Journey doesn't always stop in the port itself but further out and that a smaller boat has to be taken to actually get on shore.
  10. Could someone comment on the quality and stability of Azamara Internet and Wifi? Normally when I travel I have wifi wherever I am staying so that I can listen to Internet streaming radio as well as Google Play, Amazon Music, etc. instead of having to load part of my Music Library onto my I-pad. But as this is a ship cruise, I'm guessing that the wifi may be unstable and cut out some or much of the time. I also take it that the Internet (as at the stations) is not wifi and vice versa. I listen to music a lot to relax...and am not much of a party person...That and reading, relaxing in quiet are up there for me. :)
  11. I'm going on the October 10-17 Azamara Journey cruise...It sounds like there will be flexibility in terms of excursions so that one doesn't feel pressured to go on the Azamara-sponsored ones.
  12. Thanks -- I didn't want to be locked in to a bunch of shore excursions of which I knew only from the Azamara description. Besides which, I didn't understand how 700 passengers all could go on a particular excursion, as the numbers seemed to be limited to a few dozen. My worry would be that I would miss getting back onto the ship. This is the first cruise I'll ever have been on. I don't even know what "a roll call" is.
  13. I wrote to the veterinary clinic to authorize my neighbor to make health decisions on my behalf for my cat while I am away. This would include euthanasia. I'm surprised she's last this long only prednisolone and no other chemotherapy (or radiation therapy, either). Her health was very uncertain the first 10 or so weeks after diagnosis. It could go anyway, at any time, especially as her appetite is not very good even with appetite stimulants and frequent prompting throughout the day. \
  14. I'm going on an Azamara 7-day cruise of the Cyclades next month. I am wondering about the port shore excursions. Is there any way to decide which ones to go on other than reading the description posted by Azamara? Will there be time to select them after one boards the ship or will they sell out before then? If they do, can one arrange for a non-Azamara-sponsored tour or even walk around the port (Mykonos,Santorini, Chania, Patmos, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Athens) on one's own?
  15. Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences. I am overwhelmed probably because I have never had a smartphone or cellular plan, just a cheap cellphone. Someone I know suggested T-mobile over the others but I don't think he used it internationally to call back home. I'm wondering if during the daytime I can find an Internet cafe to check in, or if a SIM card bought in Athens would work better once off the ship and on land (on an island, such as Mykonos). Comparing the different plans/companies is confusing to me. I trust that if my cat-sitter cannot take care of my cat, and her health goes down quickly, that he will know that, instead of allowing her to suffer (by not eating, etc.) he will take her to be euthanized (and I am trying to arrange for the vet to get paid for this, although they want to speak to me and get my credit card number over the phone, as I am assuming giving it in an email is not very prudent). Cats' health can go down so quickly, and my cat Ella needs appetite stimulants (prednisolone and hemp oil) plus much prompting to get her to eat enough so that she doesn't in a few or day begin to start wasting away.
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