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  1. There isn't much cartel activity in the Yucatan, it'd be like worrying about criminal activity in Atlanta while visiting Miami. Or LA and visiting Orlando. And an increase of homicides can be 10 instead of 2. The roads between the port and Chacchoben aren't too busy, the busiest area is right outside where locals sell pineapple.
  2. We were on the Allure's Western Intinerary last week and could always find chairs in the Solarium even though it was a predominantly adult cruise, most passengers appeared to be 20-40 something DINKs and empty nesters. They weren't always in the spot that we wanted, but there were always some available. Chair hogs were also not a problem. Of course, this could be different if you're sailing during a busier time.
  3. Quick update: We did this tour last week from the Allure and it was great. ROA lived up to the expectations, it was a nice ride from the port to their dock and the snorkeling was fantastic. The guides were all very personable and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. The waves were a bit high, but it didn't impact our experience much. The only downside was that the fins were well worn, but they kept the mile long drift from being too taxing. They also provided lifejackets or pool noodles, the pool noodle was surprisingly effective at allowing me to get under the water a bit while not being too encumbering like a life jacket. Underwater we were able to see a lot of the reef and they took us past the drop-off, the highlight was a lionfish and nurse shark.
  4. A dress shirt and tie without a jacket makes you look like an 18 year old out on his first job interview. Bring a jacket, it doesn't take up anymore room than a pair of shorts if folded properly.
  5. Tequila in Cozumel ain't a bad deal if you do your research. It's not about getting the pricey stuff, it's about getting the stuff you can't find in the States.
  6. These things happen, the time delay is because they need to make sure they're not leaving another guest without a vacation. If your card wasn't charged, and the next charge isn't for a while, you have time. In fact, what's most likely is that you would've gotten a 'free' cruise out of the deal.
  7. I can't answer about the route from Fort Lauderdale to Everglades NP, but I can answer about the SunPass system. For much of the Florida Turnpike they've done away with manned booths or even coin booths, now it's toll-by-plate. So if you don't have a transponder they send you a bill after the fact. The way this works with rental cars is that they send it to the rental car company and then the rental car company bills you. But some rental cars do also have transponders in them, or transponders that you can rent. And looking at Everglades NP, why drive all the way down to Homestead when you can enter at the Miami gate?
  8. Thanks for doing this, I like to hear the perspective of corporate jumpers, helps me to know if I'm missing out on anything by sticking to RCI.
  9. I meant that it's weird they didn't know of it, not that the drink itself is weird.
  10. If you're coming in on a Sunday go to the Lake Eola Farmer's Market in downtown Orlando, there's a small playground near the lake and normal farmers' market stuff. You'll see real Orlando and kill a few hours.
  11. That is a weird one. It's also surprising that they don't have books with recipes behind the bar to consult.
  12. I was on the NCL Sky and had to explain, in the champagne bar, how to make a French 75 … Ironically, the same bartender knew how to make a hell of a dry gin martini.
  13. Here are two good ways: The Roll Method and The Fold Method. I prefer the fold method, I'm bad at rolling for whatever reason. For the general topic: Royal needs to update their dress code, in most of North America we've accepted that denim is no longer a working fabric. Dark colored jeans are considered snazzy for men and women, I've been to $100+ restaurants without a jacket in sight and ties are going the way of the cravat.
  14. When you're cruising will you specify a specific recipe for more obscure beverages? For instance, a classic daiquiri (2 oz. rum, 1 oz. lime juice, 1/2 oz. syrup; shaken) or a Mary Pickford (1 oz. rum, 2 oz. pineapple juice, dash grenadine).
  15. Just because you haven't had a problem doesn't mean other people won't have a problem. And that's why you also carry a copy of the prescription order itself, the whole point is to give the investigating agency somebody to verify your prescription with.
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