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  1. Kim, thank you for another amazing review. We are going to Aruba this month. After reading your review, I think Baby Beach is the place, we have been to Arashi before. Glad you and your family had a wonderful time exploring Aruba by land. So happy I found your review. Deborah
  2. Hi Kim hope your Aruba land vacation was wonderful. Question? We will be in San Juan (new port for us) in March. Could you please let me know what wonderful beach/snorkeling adventures you took there? Also, Any new beach/snorkel adventures in Aruba (going there in January). If you don't want to post here, you can email me at deborahlynnmanning at gmail dot com. Thanks again, Deborah
  3. Kim, so glad you had a wonderful time in Aruba. The Western Caribbean was awesome and hot. The camera worked so well (of course my photos are amateur compared to yours). Dang those fish are fast. Snorkeled the reef at Tabayana Beach with a guide. Best snorkeling ever. Did not go the Little French Key (another time). Blue Kay was good and staff so very accommodating (unforturnately the seawead was at its worst). All was great. Thank you so very much for your detailed, amusing and extremely useful reviews, I look forward to your next cruise (maybe as much as you do). Hope all is well for the family. Enjoy, Deborah
  4. HI Kim. I have been experimenting with the camera and love it. Thanks, I will try to have less movement and practice 1/2 in 1/2 out of water. Your shots always look so wonderful. Leaving in August for Grand Caymen. Costa Maya, Cozumel and Roatan. Looking forward to snorkeling and underwater photos evey where. You have inspired me. Have you already been to Aruba? Thanks again for all your help. Deborah
  5. Hello Kim, Hope all is well and you had a great Independence celebration. I am the proud owner of a TG-4. Hoping to try it out in a friends pool tomorrow. Can you tell me what settings you usually use for basic underwater shots? Also I know you take photos half in and out of the water. Can you also give me those settings? As always, you knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated. Deborah
  6. Kim, enjoy your Aruba vacation with your family. Thanks for the Aruba snorkel site info, greatly appreciated. Will you post your Aruba adventures on the Aruba site? Deborah
  7. Kim, Thank you again for your valuable info. I will check out the Roatan Board. Taybana is ship sponsored (a little more comfort in knowing we will not miss the ship). I would dislike missing the opportunity to go to LFK. There is always a next time. Enjoy your summer land vacation in Aruba (it is fabulous, I don't recall good snorkeling there). Have you ever been to Bonaire? Snorkeling just from the shore was beyond wonderful, definately want to go back and snorkel by boat. Thank you again for all your help. I greatly appreciate it. Please post on this thread when you do your winter cruise. I am now so addicted to your reviews. Enjoy, Deborah
  8. Kim, Thank you so much for your valuable information. I really appreciate it. A few more questions. I really want to snorkel from shore and see the reef, but definately do not want to go to Bananarama. Do you recall the names of any restaurants/bars next to Bananarama? The cruise ship has an excursion to Tabyana Beach, my research shows about .1 mile away, do you recall? Also, we are in port from 12N-7PM is that enough time to really enjoy Little French Key and not feel rushed (I will want to snorkel by boat)? So looking forward to your next review. Will you post info about your upcoming cruise on this site. I don't want to miss it. Also, you have inspired me to get an underwater camera before this cruise. Thinking about the TG-5 since your photos are amazing (I am sure it the photographer, but I will do my best). Thank you again, Deborah
  9. Hello Kim, I am a new follower. We have never meet or sailed together. We are Princess cruisers and of the older nature. Your reviews are beyond amazing. When I read them I feel like I am with you on the excursion. Your photos and the detailed information is very helpful. I enjoy you and your husbands come what may attitude when cruising. Saraki is such a beautiful and talented young lady. I just finished your review on Maya Kay when she was 4 years old. Wow has she grown. We are going on a Western Caribbean cruise in August. Based on your review we are going to Blue Kay. I am hoping you can help me make a decision about Roatan. I am considering Little French Key, Maya Kay or Bananarama. I'll give you a little info about us. I am the beach person in the sun and love snorkeling. My wonder husband is not at all a beach person, but will do whatever I would like (how blessed am I?). I usually find him a table in the bar or shady area where he can enjoy a cold one and read. I want to snorkel from the shore and take a guided tour on the reef. I have never snorkeled the wall and want to. Since my husbands stays with our belongings, passport, cash, credit cards and phones, I was concerned after I read your review about the incident with Billy at Bananarama, since my husband will be with the valuables. If you would prefer to discuss the Bananarama incident off of cruise critic, you could email me at deborahlynnmanning at gmail dot com. With what I have indicated, would you give me your very valuable opinion.Thanking you in advance. Deborah
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