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  1. What is the shore break like at Brewers vs CGB? I feel like from the pics I’ve see of both, CGB looks calmer and almost no shore break waves and Brewers has a bit more of a shore break when entering the water? Or maybe it’s just the day someone goes and shares their pics.
  2. How is the water at brewers? From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like the shore break is wavier than CGB?
  3. Hi! We will be cruising on the Costa Magica out of Guadeloupe on Dec 20, 2019. We were on the Costa Fortuna in 2008 and quite enjoyed it. I love Italian food. If anyone has reviews for the Magica, I would be interested in hearing about it. Do they charge for water for ice tea/juice that is usually free on the other lines?
  4. I haven't been on Costa since 2008. Since you've been on a few, do they charge for water? I don't remember that from 2008. I know any cruise lines have water and some type of juice or ice tea available at all times. Does Costa not do this?
  5. I’m interested in going on the Star Clipper and saw the description for how meals work but was wondering if anyone has specific examples of what is served at lunch and dinner?
  6. Interested in Darkwood but Dickinson sounds good too. Is Darkwood less busy and commercial? Looking for a quieter beach and don't require amenities. I enjoy calmer water and no huge drops into the water.
  7. Hi! Hoping Drake sees this. Going to St Croix in late December and am wondering how the beaches have recovered after the Hurricanes last fall. I love calm beaches-possibly a bay of some sort- hoping on the Caribbean Sea side. I also love beach combing for sea glass and sea shells if there are any good beaches in St Croix for that! Thanks! Can’t wait to explore more Caribbean beaches.
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