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  1. Thanks for letting know what you are doing. It will be interesting to here how it went.
  2. When we were there last at the port the local vendors were outside. I remember having to go through the aviary to get to the tours and taxi's. I don't remember where the local vendors were located. It has been awhile since we were there last and many more ports since.
  3. Thank you for your response.
  4. Thanks for the info. I think an extension cord will be packed.
  5. I will be sailing on the Crown Princess. I would like to know how I can charge my smart phone by my bed. I use my phone as an alarm clock at night.
  6. Sorry to not have much info on the Fortress. We didn't end up going. If we ever go to Cartegena again maybe we will make it. We just walked around the port area. They have an aviary there to walk though. They had several types of birds. Parrots and Flamingos all over. There was a little restaurant and gift shop too. Nice accessible pathways and accessible restrooms also. We had a nice day there. Hope you like it.
  7. Hi Steve. My husband and I will be on the Crown 1-16-2020. Who is the captain on your cruise and do you know if he is staying on for awhile?
  8. We have sailed on Princess to Cabo several times. I am permanently confined to my wheelchair. I cannot walk or stand. You are correct when you state that it is at the captains discretion. We always send a letter to the captain when we board with the weight of me and my chair and pictures of past tender rides. Through the years we have been told no only a few times. We never book excursions on tender days just to make sure. We make the best of the situation no matter what.
  9. We have cruised out of San Pedro many times. We have taken many forms of transportation to the port and we have finally settled on Princess transfers. When we fly into LAX it makes it less stressful for us. They are always waiting for us, they collect the luggage and wait with us for the shuttle to the Marriott. We need accessible transportation and they never have failed us. Princess is great!
  10. I am looking forward to my omelet now. Only 58 days to go. Thanks for all of your replies.
  11. Does the Royal Princess have a omelet station in the World Fresh Marketplace or do I need to go to the dinning room for breakfast? I am looking for an omelet that can be made to order.
  12. Thanks for the great pictures.
  13. I agree there are no perfect ships out there that suit everyone. I personally prefer the smaller ships. My husband on the other hand likes to try new things. Go figure! I always have a good time no matter what the ship size. Over the many years that I have been in a wheelchair I have learned to go with the flow. Hey, I can't complain. My bed is made for me everyday, my meals are cooked and we have great scenery. I just like to know what I can expect before I get on board. It helps me get more excited for the adventure.
  14. Thanks for the info. It is nice to hear from experience. On the deck plan it doesn't look like there is an elevator that goes to Deck 18 so I think Deck 17 will just have to do.
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