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  1. We have a cruise coming up and will need to book bubble excursions, however, I’m worried they will book up before I can get on board and use our OBC to pay for them. Has anyone booked an excursion from home and then once on board, gone to the excursions desk and cancelled their excursions and rebooked it using OBC?
  2. We’re leaving on a cruise in October from Miami but I can get better flights to Ft Lauderdale. can anyone recommend a hotel (preferably Hilton) that will pick us up at the airport and take us to the Miami cruise terminal?
  3. I’d love to do a New England sailing next year to replace the one we should be embarking on today (😭😭), but with our kids and schedules, it looks like my only option is Empress sailing out of New Jersey next summer. Has anyone stayed four in an OV cabin on Empress? How was it?
  4. My family of 6 is looking to rent a car for the day when we visit St John NB. Avis doesn't have any large vehicles available. Does anyone know of another car rental that is within walking distance of the port?
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the menu from the MDR for Christmas dinner? Bonus points if it’s from the Breeze
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