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  1. Snowglobe, the AzAmazing evening is now showing in Wellington where you book your other tours from. It is the last item on the list. Hope this helps.
  2. Seville is a great place to meander around and get lost in the narrow streets. It is not too big in size to feel overwhelmed. There are also some very unusual things to buy that as far as I am aware cannot be bought elsewhere. Some Convents make and sell special sweets to the public. Strong orange wine, like a liqueur is readily available and is worth trying. They also sell orange perfume, which can be a little strong. But this is Seville, reknown for their oranges.
  3. I tried to add other thing I enjoy onboard but it was greyed out so I just had to forget that. I was using an Apple IPad which was recently updated with the newest software.
  4. Not having undertaken cruise tour excursions before, we have just booked Raratonga Island and Cultural tour. We had a choice of two different times. The morning, just 1/2 hour after we had docked or afternoon 1.30pm, which we chose. The trip is for four hours and the Journey sails at 5.00pm, a bit close for comfort. but I assume the ship will wait for us as they have arranged the excursion. Is this usually the case.
  5. Having booked a cruise with Azamara and previously had full access to excursions, ability to logon etc. I am now faced with this message. IT MAY HAVE BEEN MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION, OR DELETED. Please use the search box in the top navigation to help you locate the page you are looking for, or visit our site map. Going to the site map just puts me back at the beginning and the same message. Is this just a glitch and Azamara will rectify things or do I need to escalate the enquiry.
  6. We stayed last October and personally found it dreadful. Ordinary conversation in the next cabin was crystal clear. We did advise them, when we both happened to exit our rooms together. Alas, when they came back on the ship at 2.00pm, drunk, it was even worse. To my mind renovations are desperately needed. Remove sticky tape from carpets on the stairs and put down new carpets. Make sure the lifeboats look as though they could save you and not full of rotting wood. We were here with a tour group and 50% of our group had a choice of water in the bathrooms hot or cold. We were lucky we had hot water. There is a lot that could be done to refurbish back to the original standard. Televisions in the rooms was not one of them.
  7. Thank you uktog, We have quite a few sea days when travelling to New Zealand from LA so I was just undertaking a bit of research beforehand. It’s not a big issue for us, so I will not get Bonnie involved.
  8. When we travelled with Azamara three years ago we could find out in advance who the guest lecturer was on our cruise. Can we still find out who the speaker is?
  9. If we wish to do a private tour/event (with the help of Azamara), could we use are on-board credit. Also, if Azamara help us arrange it, would we be covered should we not get back to the ship on time.
  10. Hi Everyone, Now my cruise in January has been paid for, the excitement is mounting, I am now ready to tie up loose ends. As a relative 'newbie' to cruising, could you advise me when and where, I can add my Personal Data e.g. Passport Details, etc. I am going round and round in circles with the Azamara website, but I am sure there will be an easy explanation. Am I trying to add this information too early.
  11. We were in Seville last Christmas for a few days, having caught the train from Malaga and waked to the centre of Seville. If you find you dock in Cadiz, trains are every hour and take about 1 hour 45 Minutes to Seville. Our hotel recommended a free walking tour http://www.freewalkingtoursevilla.com/. The tour highlighted all the major sights. It was very good and at the end of the tour (which was about 2 hours) you tip the guide what you think is appropriate. Seville is charming and has a lot of very narrow streets so we felt a good street map was essential. Have a lovely time.
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