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  1. :confused: We ahve scheduled a cruise using the union (police) discount. My husband has been retied for 15 years, we were told by our representative from NCL that all we would need to board would be my husband's badge to prove this. Anyone tried this before, what did you use.:confused:
  2. First let me start by saying this is our 17th cruise BUT the first on NCL. So we did have alot to compare this criuse with. Then let me say, this will not be the LAST of NCL, we loved it. Embarkation: This was so easy and so fast, other lines should take a clue. With other lines we have waited an hour outside in the het only to get inside and wait another hour. We waited less than 20 minutes, no long lines (we never had a line for anything) and we were on the ship. Room: Although the room was smaller than some we have had, the room was adequate if not comfortable. The room stewart was great although we never saw him or her the entire cruise (not a bad thing), every time we left the room and return it was spotless. Food: I know this is a sticky subject but the food was at least equal or not better than most cruise lines. You have to remember the number of meals that are being served. We ate in most of the restaurants and thought the dinning rooms were ok. The buffet was good. Room service was great, they called before they came to the room so we never had to set an alarm. Entertainment: This was Great. The Cruise Director was one of the best we have ever had (Jorge on Carnival the best). Although the entertainment was not alway to our taste, it was watchable. The shows in Dazzles were funny and always full. Some of the best talent was in Dazzles. The Jane Ryan Dancers and Entertainers were not as good as the entertainment on other lines. The shows had alot of dull spots BUT once again, this is our taste. Jane L. Powell was a great entertainer and I would love to see her again. Pool Area: WOW, never had trouble finding a spot, lots of area very courteous people not alot of chair saving. Lots of pool towels which we also carried off to the beach without any problems or the nasty $25 charge for a towel you have returned. The only negative thing was the children in the hot tubs by the main pool. Ports: We had to tender and this was a little difficult with me recently having knee surgery and with a 2 year old grandchild. We are not western carb. fans but really did enjoy the ports this time. Maybe we saw them through a 2 year old eyes. Disembarkation: We choose the late getting off time. We went down to Dazzles, lots of area to sit, our number was called and we got off. It was quite a long walk to and from the terminal ( I had recently had knee surgery so this was a problem). We got into the terminal, I almost fainted, only about 40 pieces of luggage to hunt through. This was the best ever. General: I know that everyone will not like something about the cruise. We were by the elevator and we hear it all night BUT it did not ruin our cruise. There was one rude person ( the crew leader in 6N drill, think he was a drummer in some band) but that did not ruin our cruise. This is a great cruise line, I was a little leary after reading thing off the boards but we went to have a good time and we did. When we do to dinner at a restaurant and order something new, you may or may not like it but life goes on. We enjoyed this cruise so much we are going back next Nov. with 30 other people. If you go on a cruise, don't sweat the little things go have a good time.:) :) :)
  3. mrsp

    leaving sat on the sun ???

    We were on the Sun 11/13-20th and it was great. We have been on most every line but the NCL and BOY were we shocked. This was the BEST cruise ever. All port of call was great with the exception of Belize and we were not that impressed. You will love the ship, go hvae a great time.:)
  4. mrsp

    Diamond Palace San Juan???

    We stayed there last year and it is the PITS!. The hotel personnel are the rudest we have ever found. We had a group of 30, booked one night before the cruise and one night after, we booked the Raddison after the cruise (thank goodness). The rooms were old and dirty, I asked one of the bellmen about the dirty pool (leaves and trash floating in it) and he said "pool ok, always like this". After the cruise, we got to the Diamond Palace around 10:30, we dropped off the group and went to the Raddison, we got out room, left our stuff and then walked the 2 blocks to the Diamond Palce. Our group was still sitting there and they were told they was no way they could check in until after 3PM, NO EXCEPTIONS. Needless to say there was a room full of angry people as the information they got when making the reservations said 12 PM, the rude lady at the front desk said "too bad, no check in till 3 pm". The Raddison was nice and we got the room for $85 on Priceline. We have stayed at the Old San Juan (old town) San Juan Condonda, Hilton, and the Raddison and we like them all. We got the rate on Priceline and we just booked the "resort". Never have been disappointed. We DID NOT USED PRICELINE to book the Diamond Palce, we booked through Hotels.Com as our friends were there.
  5. Am looking for a place to stay in La Porte. Currently looking at Comfort Suites but would love suggestions.
  6. mrsp

    Comfort Sutes - LaPorte, Tx

    I just received an email from the hotel and was told the shuttle was $5 pp, and you can park there for free. The parking at the terminal is $7 per day so you really don't save that much. The hotel said they have no security at the hotel for the cruise parking but the police station was across the street.
  7. Does this hotel offer shuttle service to the cruise ship and "free" parking, if not, do you know of one that does.
  8. How can you tell if a ship is full or not, where do you look?
  9. Do all the rooms on the Sun have a room safe. We are in room 9332.
  10. Just saw on FOX where the people at the Astrodome refused to leave and the do not want to board the cruise ships. The cruise ship have been put on hold.
  11. mrsp

    Sun Newbie

    :cool: We are seasoned cruisers on many of the other lines but never have gone on NCL. We choose this for being able to drive to New Orleans and since we will have a 23 month old with us (our one and only adopted granddaughter so there is no quedstion about leaving her, we waited 15 years for her), this is the only line that does not charge for under 2, just port tax. That being said, here is my question: Please tell me what you like best about the SUN, we will be on the 9th floor, out is a double and the kids in a triple. I am somewhat leary about the food since I haven't really read anything good about the food. I love the food on Carnival and Princess, does it comapre? I have read most everything else is comparable to the other lines. PLEASE, NEED YOUR IMPUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)
  12. I have read where several people list what is in a room on different ships. How do I find out what is in my room on the Sun.:) :D :D :D :D
  13. mrsp

    Sun Newbie

    We are seasoned cruiser but never ofn NCL, and have a few questions: 1. Does the Sun have self-service laundries on each floor like most other cruiselines? 2. Please explain the free style food service. Can you just go at any time, anywhere? Thanks
  14. We have cruised around 20 times but never on NCL. We have booked the Sun for Nov. BUT after reading some of the threads we are somewhat concerned --especially regarding the food. Does anyone have the menus for the SUN for the Western Carb. ANy tips regarding the ship would be greatly appreciated.:confused:
  15. mrsp


    This will be our 1st cruise on NCL and a little unsure about the freestyle. How many of the restaurants are a cover charge and how amny are included with the cruise.