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  1. How was your trip with them? Thinking of booking for our upcoming visit.
  2. Apologies, but can someone tell me what FTTF is?
  3. Does anyone know how much the specialty coffee and bottles of water run on the ship? Factoring in the "extras" that aren't alcoholic it seems it may be worth it for us but still trying to decide.
  4. Sorry I don't know the answer, but I have been in contact with them via email vitalinoreyes@gmail.com, and they are very quick to respond with any questions I have had! We are booked with them for a tour in April...can't wait!!
  5. Thank you! Looks like we may end up just staying at Chankanaab for the day then.
  6. Anyone used this company for their tour? Wondering how many people they take on each boat and how much time they give at each stop? Also, been reading how some other companies focus alot on taking photos of everyone with the stingrays and end up interfering with the experience or shortening the time at other locations.....same for these guys?
  7. Is the "beach" area in Chankanaab man made? This would be the only reason we were trying to hit another beach for a couple of hours in the morning before heading to the park. We will have some time after our encounter to explore the park too. Any idea how much time would be needed to get back to the pier, 8 ships in port and leaving port at 5:00 so assuming we have to be back on the ship by 4:30? Thanks!
  8. How far from Carnival cruise terminal? Is there a charge to access the beach? We are booked for dolphin encounter at Chankanaab Park at 1:00, but arrive in port at 8:00am and wanted to enjoy beach (with sand) for a little bit before heading to Chankanaab. Is this doable?
  9. Do you remember how much time you had at each stop and how many people were on board? Also, I've read of another company being very focused on taking photos with the stingrays and it interfered with the experience at stingray city. Did you find this the case with Island Marketing?
  10. Is it possible to do little french key in addition with the sloths? TIA
  11. That's what I was afraid of, how early the last tender would be. Thanks.
  12. Which section of 7 mile beach is closet to port? Was hoping to do a stingray city, snorkeling, and starfish beach tour but that doesn't leave much time to check out 7 mile beach on our own (in port from 7:30 to 3:00). Wondering which section is closet to port and how long we would need to allow to get back to the pier? TIA!
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