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  1. Found this on the internet today: Genting Gets German Government Bailout for MV Werften October 07, 2020 Genting Hong Kong is set to receive 193 million euro from the German government as part of a bailout package for MV Werften, a consortium of shipyards the company owns in Germany. With work suspended at MV Werften, the funds will allow Genting to continue construction on the Crystal Endeavor, which is set for a 2021 launch, as well as the Global Dream, now set to debut in 2022. Following those two ships, the yard is expected to build sisters to the Crystal Endeavor,
  2. Oh, sorry. Yes, we had paid deposit June 28, 2019, paid in full March 9, 2020. Yes, we had paid in full before cancelling. Thank you for monitoring this sheet, really appreciate it. Because of this spreadsheet we realized the only way we could possibly get our refund would be to file with our credit card company.
  3. oPPS, To: Person monitoring Crystal Refund Spreadsheet I don't see our name CRUISELUVRS on the sheet, but good news follows. Sail date December 9, 2020 I called Crystal and cancelled June 18, 2020 Crystal cancelled our cruise July 31, 2020 I requested refund from Crystal June 18, 2020, minus the $400.00 admin fee, which we put toward an already booked cruise for June 2022. I called Capital One about a week ago (I think) and asked them to get my $$ from Crystal. They said they would send my a packet with requested information and proof of charges to send back
  4. To: Person monitoring Crystal Refun Spreadsheet I don't see our name CRUISELUVRS
  5. I've been reading all the refund problems we are having with Vantage Deluxe world Travel I've been told I am due a refund, but they can not give me a timeline. All you waiting for your refund from Vantage Deluxe World Travel.... After endless telephone calls, emails and not getting results for a refund, I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts BBB. I asked, "How can a company who treats so many customers so badly get an A+ rating with BBB?" They responded, "Well, there are ONLY 69 complaints. If you know people who are also waiting for a refund, have them file with us." So, perhaps if
  6. MightyQuinn, thank you so much for your reply. I will make a copy of that in case I need it for my credit card company.
  7. On the same topic, our cruise was to be on the Serenity leaving Miami December 9, 2020. I cancelled June 18, 2020. has anyone see a copy of Crystals terms and conditions for ocean cruises that would impact the December cruises and that they would repost? (I think Crystal MAY have cancelled it July 31, 2020, but not sure.) Thank you in advance.
  8. This is CRUISELUVRS, cruise was paid in full, original sail date 12/09/2020, cancelled by passenger 6/18/2020, Crystal cancelled 7/31/2020. After 90 days, disputed with Capitol One 9/17/2020. PS $200 pp administrative fee was applied as a FCC to a cruise in June 2022, which we booked long before this virus thing.
  9. Wow, what a day. I received 2 emails from Crystal today. Imagine, one day before my 90 days would be up from the cancellation date. The first one said, “Your case has been closed. If you believe this has not been resolved please reply to this email.” The second one said, “Thank you for emailing Crystal Cruises’ Guest Relation about your concern. (I didn’t contact them.) I will be handling your case and will provide updates until this is resolved. We sincerely thank you for your….. blah blah blah.” I was given a phone number to call and got a lady who said, oh, so sorry, the IT department made
  10. Thanks. Did they ask you to send any backup information or correspondence? Or just the facts and dates over the phone. I guess I'll wait until day 91 to call them. What did you do?
  11. Confused. With which credit card companies are you filing "disputes" and receiving your money? At the Capital One website, I can file a dispute for a wrong charge, but "A dispute is not the same as requesting a refund from the merchant, which you should do in many situations where you want your money back. For example, when you're dissatisfied with the merchant's policies or service, or when you need to cancel plans. Capital One can't issue a refund on behalf of a merchant." Am I reading this right? Capital One can't issue a refund from Crystal? Oh no, I used the wrong cred
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