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  1. great point-- i forgot how the sparkling can be traded for a red or white.
  2. Thanks so much-- I'll check with the Sommelier in Luminae. And the wine tasting sounds fantastic as well.
  3. Who would I talk to once onboard to book this? I board the Reflection next week
  4. Just noticed this under Cruise Planner..... has anyone tried it? $8 extra a day/per person: So, you essentially get: 1. Premium package 2. 2 bottles of wine 3. Wine tasting experience 4. $50 in Casino free play 5. Mini bar included, and stocked daily Says not available to buy on board: Upgrade and Save time and money when you purchase our new Drinks & More beverage package. Enjoy all of the benefits of the classic and premium beverage package, which includes all the top-shelf spirits (89 options), vintage wine (161 options), liqueurs &
  5. I'm leaving on Reflection next Monday-- does the spa do gel nails? Works insane and I dont have time to get them re-done before the cruise. And yes-- I'm aware of what a ridiculous topic this is--- judge me all you want- I like nice nails! 🙂
  6. Oh I'm so so sorry to hear this news. Marilyn was so kind to me with all my questions as I went on the inaugural Edge Cruises and was so excited. I was glued to CC to get all of her great updates and she was so sweet to me and excited for the cabin i was able to secure. With sadness, Aimee from Minnesota
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