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  1. Thanks for the replies. I just can't take the chance of there being a lot of smoke on the ship because it can put me in the hospital with Asthmatic Bronchitis. Had that happen a few times and do not want it to happen again. I did find a cruise line with sailings out of Boston for 7 nights that was a little bit more in price, but not having to fly to NYC and get a hotel room, pay for transportation and eating in the city makes it less than doing all that. Thanks again for the replies. I appreciate them greatly. 😊 Shauna 🛳️
  2. Hi, I wanted to know if the smoking policy on the Brilliance of the Sea has changed since last year? I know many people have said it is very smoky on the ship because of people in the casino smoking and that there is a chimney type effect happening where it goes to many places on the ship. I would love to take a Canada/New England cruise out of Boston on the Brilliance of the Sea because I live in the suburbs of Boston. It would be so easy not to have to fly anywhere. The problem is I have a bad asthma allergy to smoke. I can't find any other cruises on RCCL that are out of New Jersey or Baltimore that are only 7 nights long. I was hoping maybe they changed the casino smoking and the smoky effect it had is now gone. Any help would be appreciated. Shauna 🦄
  3. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the replies. I've thought it over and since my smoke allergy is bad(The people who live above us have a relative that comes over and smokes right over our living room and my nose runs, my eyes get swollen, itch, and water as if I am crying and I also get bad asthma when around it for a prolonged time.) I just can't see going on RCI at all. I haven't put any money down yet so I won't lose any money. My friend is also allergic to smoke and I know we would not enjoy the cruise. Most likely if I went I would need a breathing treatment several times if the infirmary has asthma treatments. I found another cruise line that's more expensive about $300.00 more and has things we like and no smoke. I still get to go to Canada and will be able to breath without trouble. Thank you all for your help. It helped a lot. 🙂
  4. Hi, This is my 1st post here so here goes. Is there a lot of cigarette smoke in the air on the Brilliance of the Seas? Considering going on a Canada-New England cruise in Oct 2020, but have allergic reaction to lots of smoke. Any help would be appreciated. 🛳️
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