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  1. julieanne

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    Absolutely agree that the liability restrictions are out the window now. My heart goes out to the people who suffered through this, lives lost and to the family and friends of those still missing. This is the first news feed I saw when I turned on my computer on Friday the 13th, so eerie. The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the Captain and his senior officers. IMO, he was entrusted with the safety of the vessel, passengers and crew in that order. If the vessel is not safe, lives are compromised. I am willing to wait for data as to regards of equipment/electrical failure and give the Captain every benefit of doubt. However, in retrospect, it appears he didn't really "know" the area as well as he thought he did and with all the state of the art equipment available, of course this accident shouldn't have occurred. It appears he knew the hull had been compromised almost immediately and should have requested assistance and ordered everyone to abandon ship immediately. I have some nagging doubts as to the veracity of the story that Costa had no idea he had changed course. It will be interesting to see the final analysis. I think what I really would like to put forth is how appalling some of the comments have been across the internet and even to fellow members. My thoughts and prayers are with those still missing and through some miracle may they find those passengers alive.
  2. julieanne

    Cruise from Spain to Europe

    It was also easy transport to the pier in Barcelona, very nice embarkation. I too, love Civitavecchia but, Rome is a good distance away....
  3. julieanne

    What's your cruise tradition?

    Ours is probably kind of nutty but, we do ours before.....We watch every movie that has a cruise ship in it about a week before inlcuding Titanic! LOL!
  4. [quote name='pdmlynek'][COLOR=indigo]It seems to me that I am in the minority here. I view trip insurance as a waste of money. All the insurance policies that I’ve read have so many exceptions, that it has a very little value to me. Never traveled with one.[/COLOR][/quote] Try squaremouth dot com. For the first time I purchased travel insurance as we were flying to Santiago 4 weeks after the earthquake. No matter what the conditions, this policy covered it, less than $182 total for me and my spouse. That being said, we are both healthy, both under 50 and I don't know why but something told me to do it.....10 days before the earthquake. I do not feel it was a waste, more like a pre-emptive strike. Being that far away is serious business when traveling. I know I can cover costs from the Caribbean or Mexico but, can I afford being airlifted out of the Strait of Magellan? Well, probably but, I'd rather have the insurance. I don't buy it all the time but, now that we're getting older, I sure do think about it more..........You may too one day :)
  5. julieanne

    Ushuaia Sightseeing

    I loved your pictures Amy! I too, was quite taken with both Ushuaia and the Falklands and feel very lucky that were able to make both ports. We missed the glacier but, I am hopeful in the coming years that we will make a side trip to Torres Del Paine for a week or so.....
  6. I also have fluorescent tie wraps that I use for flying. I have heard that many times even the TSA will cut off TSA approved locks. So, we tie wrap the bags when flying and lock them before we get to the pier. :)
  7. [quote name='Jane110']I LOVE Idylle. They brought it out last October, which I thought was bad timing since it's such a spring/summer scent. I wore it in Oct and put it away all winter and will wear it again in the next few weeks. I think it will be this summer's signature scent for me. I would suggest you also try "After my own Heart" by Ineke. Similar notes but put together in different accords. Totally captivating. [URL="http://www.ineke.com"]www.ineke.com[/URL] BTW, have you ever read Katy Puckrik's perfume blog? Her videos are such fun![/quote] So funny Jane! I think Idylle is more of a heavier scent and I have been wearing it all winter! I just love it period! I will look for the above perfume. No, I haven't read Katy's blog, I will have to go take a peek. Always love buying new scents! Thanks!
  8. julieanne

    First Time Cruiser... confused.

    I would choose the Inspiration. There is a lot for the whole family to do at GC and Cozumel. If it were just the 16 and 14 year old, I'd think you would be spending lots of time at the beaches. Cozumel has the wonderful water park, beautiful beaches, lots of shopping, etc. GC has the Pirate adventure tour and I really justlike these two ports! LOL! Are you closer to Miami or Tampa? I think that would be the deciding factor to me!
  9. julieanne


    Not if it's locked. :) Always, always, always lock my bag at the pier......If they want to see what's inside, I'd better be there. Laurie, I am afraid I have to disagree with you on this one. They do have the right to open your bag if they feel it contains contraband of any sort. Same goes for the airlines.
  10. julieanne


    Good choice! LOL! NCL doesn't allow irons or steamers anymore. They will lend irons onboard.
  11. julieanne

    argentina and chile reciprocity fees

    I can only answer in reference to our cruise on the Sun. When entering by ship, the fee is much cheaper (it was $40 USD at the time) and it was paid by the ship. We received our exit visas the night before our arrival in Chile. When flying into BA/Santiago, the fees are $130/$131 respectively.
  12. julieanne

    First time NCL cruiser impressions

    We sailed the same itinerary in 2008. Wonderful cruise! We had an excellent cabin steward. He replaced the towels regardless of whether i put them on the rack or not. Always had ice. I will say that I also found the food inconsistent with, believe it or not, the buffet having the best food. Service was adequate and for the most part polite with the exception of a few problems. Our bed was super nice and very comfortable. Since I had major back surgery in 2004, I have a foam top on our home mattress and was provided the same luxury in our economical outside cabin. No coffeemaker and I thought the coffee was pretty horrible as it seems on most now! Maybe I am just spoiled with my freshly ground beans? We love Le Bistro and feel it's well worth the $20 surcharge. While I felt the food was food was good in Il Adagio, I didn't feel it was worth the extra $$. No one has to ask if I'd sail her again as we'll be off to meet her in 7 days! I expect the Sun to move out of NCL's fleet soon, as she doesn't seem in line with the newer ships.
  13. julieanne


    No, they don't allow travel irons. Very hot topic on this board! Yes, I have packed them numerous times. Last time was on NCL in 2008. I now choose to press my clothes beforehand and bundle pack. This works very well. I don't care for the wrinkle release as it just seems like scented water to me. Hanging clothes in the bathroom while taking a shower works really well also. :)
  14. julieanne

    Price Dropped A Lot

    Booking early gives you an advantage if there's a certain cabin you desire. With Carnival, the prices actually go up and stay up until shortly before sailing (in my experience). Our last one on the Legend, prices dropped 3 weeks prior to sailing and I called them. They graciously offered me an upgrade. I asked instead, if I could get an OBC. They were obly to happy to give me one!
  15. julieanne

    Transfer from Valparaiso to Santiago

    We used Victor Aballai with enaturchile. There were 10 of us and we had great service. The bus was comfortable, the guide's english was very good and he was very flexible with everything we wanted to see. I believe our cost was $80 per person. The only down side was where he took us for lunch. If you can help it, do not let them pick the lunch spot. He and the driver took us to Siete Mares and it was absolutely horrible, not mention very expensive. I just wanted to add that our tour was about 10 hours as we chose a late drop off at the airport (7 pm).