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  1. As a solo traveler I walked to the port "gate", I was going to walk down the road to a bar I saw. The men at the gate trying to "get your business" were being way way too aggressive. The port had two men at either side of the gate, with guns, to keep the non-passengers out of the port area. I saw that and turned around and stuck in the port area, it didn't seem safe for me, by myself to walk outside that gate. The ONLY port I've ever felt that way.
  2. I got a vibe pass on the Getaway. I was boarding group #1. It was right after they increased the price(March 2019). Several people in line backed out once they heard the price had increased. The following week, the Vibe had maybe a good group of 25 "regulars" at best. Usually when I was there, there were maybe 5-10 people at best. I am not buying it for my next cruise.
  3. They are $19.95 per bottle(or at least it was when I was on board), so it should be.
  4. I know for a fact that Knob Creek is an upcharge drink, even though it is listed on this page.
  5. What I don't understand, is Grey Goose(not that I really drink it often) is an upcharge now. Jameson(which I do drink), is $9.95- well under the $15 threshold. At our local liquor store, a 1.75 bottle of each are exactly the same price. And that is retail pricing. But I guess supply and demand- more of a demand for Grey Goose than Jameson on board. I'm still a little upset there are no decent bourbon's included, still.
  6. I did a Macallan scotch tasting at Maltings on the Bliss. It was $20. Well worth it IMO. I believe they do tastings at the duty free of the cheaper stuff like Jack Daniels, mainly trying to get you to buy it...
  7. I was told at the Social. There were people there handling signups for laser tag still. Go karts unlimited passes were gone as well. There was a sign that said "VIBE SOLD OUT", so I'm fairly certain that is where they were being sold.
  8. It was my understanding that group 1 were priority guests. I'm Gold latitudes. Haven had their own section in the terminal, as did platinum, platinum plus. No ambassadors on board.
  9. On the Bliss currently. Was boarding group #1. I was maybe the 40th passenger on board(behind Haven). Went directly to the social where they were being sold. They were already sold out. Not really disappointed, just wanted to experience it once. Maybe next time.
  10. It was booked solid since the first day- won't even allow me to make a reservation on any of the onboard screens. I tried to do it as a standby in St Thomas, but it started raining and they closed down.
  11. I have them, will scan them and upload them on Saturday when I get home. Taking pics and uploading them each is too time consuming while on board. 😂
  12. NCL Bliss: 11/17/18 Solo/single Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
  13. 30mph is not fast(maybe for the smaller track on the ship it will be fun). Karts at the local Motorsports park will do close to 60mph. After a simple video anyone is cleared(there are age restrictions) and full safety gear(jump suit, helmet, neck brace) you go out. They have a crew member lead the first couple laps, each progressively getting faster so you can learn the kart and the track. Accidents can and do happen...it's no different than being in a car accident however the neck brace limits the whiplash you'll get. Sent from my SM-G892A using Forums mobile app
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