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  1. Thank you, Kazu for the great sendoff. I doff my hat to RuthC and her attaining the full set of HAL ships and Platinum. That's quite an accomplishment. Thanks to everyone else who sent greetings. See you in the Piano Bar, Ruth. Mrs M
  2. MrsMuir

    Not a Newbie but Some Questions

    For what it's worth, my cabinmate and I have the same booking number. Thanks to all who replied with helpful answers and bon voyage wishes. It will be exciting to watch my friend's reactions to her first voyage. The husbands are making their own plans to go camping while we're gone. Mrs M
  3. MrsMuir

    Not a Newbie but Some Questions

    Geeze Louise....I merely asked a simple question and am labeled boorish. I asked three questions, actually, but my concern for whether or not my cabinmate may be included in a couple of lunches or not got all the attention. I have no intention to sneak her into a venue reserved for Mariners. I was aking about protocol because I do have good manners. This is the first time since 1978 that I will be sailing without my 3-Star DH (he is fine but chooses to avoid long flights). I want to make sure my good friend enjoys her first cruise. That is all. Now go and think about your own manners amd how you reply to questions from your fellow CCers and HAL travelers. Mrs M
  4. MrsMuir

    Who has gotten cabin assignments this week?

    We're sailing on the 7th of October and received our stateroom assignment on the 25th -- at least that's when our stateroom number appeared when I checked it for the 4,000th time that day. Well, maybe the fourth time. The next day we each received an email notifying us of changes from HAL. The day before, the 24th, we were offered upsells for a Signature Suite or a Neptune Suite, but it was much too expensive either way. We turned it down, but were happy to know that someone was rolling the dice for our cruise. Our assignment is a VA, better than our VE Guarantee. It is under the Lido Pool area, so early-morning deck-chair noises could be a drawback. With this port-intensive cruise, however, I don't think it will be an issue. The noise from the overhead will just be a supplement to our wake-up call. I'm not sure I'll book a Guarantee again. I think our Travel Agent booked it as a Guarantee in order to secure the best rate in this case, so I'm not complaining. I prefer knowing what stateroom we will have from the time of booking, though we are always open to an upgrade. It's the SUSPENSE that drives me 'round the bend! Mrs M
  5. :confused: I'm sailing with a friend who has never cruised, so she is a "Star Mariner." Will she be permitted to join me at the Mariners' lunch on embarkation day? At the Mariners' Luncheon during the cruise? We are flying to Venice from LAX to JFK and on to VCE. We don't have much time to board the flight to VCE, but it is in the same terminal. I'm assuming that we can just find the gate and board when it's time, without going through any security mishegoss. Please tell me if my assumption is correct. Thanks! I should be an old hand at this but my middle name is "Details." Mrs M.
  6. MrsMuir

    Bringing food aboard

    I had forgotten to pack Crystal Light, which I mix in the pitcher and add to vodka in the stateroom. It pays to read CC!!
  7. As a former Seattle-area resident, I need to remind everyone that it's The Pike Place Market. Mrs M
  8. I agree that the worst part is accusing HAL of trading in human cargo. How insensitive, especially during this tragic time for so many people. Any sympathy I might have had for the OP vanished with that outrageous statement. Mrs M
  9. MrsMuir

    Please rename the HSC or even change the system

    Ol Salt, thank you for your reasoned and diplomatic replies to this contentious subject. Enjoy your 43 days in the South Pacific -- with your attitude, you certainly will. Mrs M
  10. Our documents were ready to print yesterday. I was so glad to see that we are no longer waitlisted for Main Seating. Long may it reign! Mrs M
  11. MrsMuir

    10 Years On CC

    Congratulations, Kakalina. You are an important member of our CC HAL family. Even when I don't have anything to say, I like ending the evening here on the HAL board to see what's up. I'm not a fan of social media, but this forum, with knowledgeable and kind travelers, is a safe place to share the good and the bad, whether it's about cruises or our journey through life. Mrs M
  12. MrsMuir

    NCL Dawn on the HAL Forum......

    Sail, thank you for sharing your first shipboard experience without your DH. Your review was a gift to all of us here on the HAL board, and your courage is an inspiration. Mrs M
  13. MrsMuir

    Life jackets

    Call me weird, but I enjoy muster drills. Besides the important information presented (if some pax will just keep quiet), such as where your lifeboat is located, it's proof-positive that the long-awaited voyage is beginning. On Princess we met in a lounge for their so-called muster drill. it didn't have the impact of a HAL muster drill. Mrs M
  14. MrsMuir

    Your opinion on Carnival Corp's new design?

    I find myself gazing longingly at clipper ships these days. Cruise ships used to be beautiful, too, but the new giant ones are ug-lee. Mrs M
  15. MrsMuir

    Collecting Holland America Line ceramics

    I inherited a little blue "pie cabinet" from my parents that had served as a phone stand for them. I put it in our bedroom and used it to hold some seldom-used hand weights. Recently I was inspired to put the weights in a closet and arrange 14 Mariner tiles and three Inaugural Plates in the cabinet. Now, every morning after I put my glasses on, I can see those tiles and plates. Mrs M