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  1. I was on the rerouted Sept 9th cruise that stopped at GSC. Based on how little progress they have made since we were last there a year ago, I'd measure the completion date in years not months! Everything still looks like just basic concrete shells, almost nothing else started and nothing anywhere near finished.
  2. Yeah, it is weird, I just wonder if the people downstairs just aren't on the same page? One time they told us the same thing, we ignored them and just went down the middle like we have in the past. When we got the attendant at the customs counters we told her that the other agent wanted us to go in the general line and she just looked at us and rolled her eyes and said something like it's not her job to correct other workers. She did assure us we used the right line for Haven.
  3. I was on the same cruise also in the Haven and have travelled on the Haven out of NY many times. I would say that the Haven line is obvious until you get into the terminal. As the Concierge will tell you, once you exit the ship, stay to the right and make your way to the terminal (you will see GenPop lined up against the all on your left up again the building). At some point you will see a Haven sign, just show your card and they will let you through and hold the line. Looks like the OP then joined the GenPop line in customs, sadly. You do NOT have to do that it you are Haven (although they do not make that obvious). You will see the customs line to your right. Simply walk right down the center of the room (between the luggage and the general customs line). Show the attendant the Haven card and they will let you through and send you to the next customs attendant. Once you pass through customs your Haven experience is over. As I mentioned, we have travelled out of NY in the Haven many times, and the longest it has taken us from the Haven lounge to curb side/car is 10 minutes. Really one of the best Haven benefits. Have a great cruise!
  4. And I'll add I hope the mods close this thread like they did the previous one. It is time to let this go.
  5. Weird, I received our online survey 24 hrs after the cruise. Filled it out a few days later.
  6. I do not think people are forgetting about your experience, it is just that there is not much positive we can add other than I'm sorry you went through that. If that had happened to me or my loved ones, in any situation cruise or otherwise, I probably would take my business elsewhere just like you.
  7. Having had the benefit of a few hours sleep and re-reading your post, I was too harsh in my response to your post. I know you are not looking for it, but, for what it's worth, I offer my apologies.
  8. Ummm, you know that "growth stocks" are securities whose SHARE PRICE is expected to grow at a significantly above-average rate. Net worth does not always move consistent with stock price (they do not correlate in the manner you suggest). For example, a company's net worth can go down while it's share price increases . . . like, oh I don't know . . . any time a company conducts are significant share buyback (net worth = assets - liabilities ... the calculation excludes shareholder equity). I'm really done now. Had I realized you joined this month apparently only to complain about NCL I would have simply ignored you. I try to help out people here when I can (because I have received so much great information from so many great contributors on here), but lesson learned. Don't feed the trolls . . . they have insatiable appetites!
  9. 100% wrong. It CAN be an indicator that something is gone, but not when a company makes a significant reinvestment in their business (in the form of secured debt) in order to capture larger market share in the future. You are cherry picking NCLH's growth cycle.
  10. Your lack of financial literacy is showing. You cannot simply cherry pick time periods without a complete understanding of what the company was doing throughout the time period you select. You seem to do this quite a bit in an attempt to justify your arguments -- it's overly simplistic. You seem drawn to the "all-time highs," which shows you have little understanding of the concept of reinvestment. Go back to 2013, NCLH net worth is almost 300% higher today than it was then (still means nothing to me, but whatever). Your time period is misleading because a simple review of their annual reports would show you why the net worth dropped in 2016; they took out a large amount of debt to finance their growth (it's right there in black and white). That debt is a direct hit to their net worth, but it is not because they are FAILING it is because they are GROWING. As my Dad always said . . . you have to spend a buck to make a buck. And before you say look at CCL and RCL, don't. As for the product they offer it is a fair comparison, but NCLH is the younger sister of those two, just look at the market cap differences! NCLH has to grow at a rate greater than either CCL or RCL simply to catch up (again, why most analysts think NCLH is a great value pick while CCL and RCL are more suited to growth investors).
  11. I own 0 shares of NCLH, or any individual securities for that matter. Pre-clearance is basically impossible at my firm as one of our funds is most certainly trading that day (or has within the past 7 days or expects to within the next 7). My accounts are mutual fund-only accounts. And it's not a "NCL can do no wrong attitude" I have, it's a more realistic understanding of rational business behavior and I understand the terms and conditions of what I buy. As for your continued reliance on stock price as some sort of barometer for customer service or any emotional variable, all I can say is that is severely misguided. Stock price is about fundamentals ... nothing else. I too can cherry pick arbitrary time periods to evaluate stock price in an attempt to bootstrap my argument. For example, CCL is down $4 per share over the past 1-year period, while both NCLH and RCL are up. NCLH and RCL currently have much higher momentum scores than CCL. CCL's issues have nothing to do with service levels or perceived customer harms, it relates to unique corporate charges they were required to take in 2017. Finally, your 3-year period is also misleading. Yes, NCLH is down over that period, but that had absolutely nothing to do customer service concerns on NCL or some other systemic customer service failure. It fell because of a risky strategic decision. The price fell 40% in 2016 and is still recovering for one large reason . .. China. NCL took a bigger gamble than its competitors. It went more aggressively into China (including designing the Joy exclusively for China). When demand in China fell and the government considered taking over the cruising industry entirely, ALL cruise line stocks took a hit, but NCLH much more so than the others because of their aggressive play into China. NCLH has said on the record that was a mistake and it is one they are still paying for.
  12. I know I said I was done with this thread, but statements like this warrant a response. The key to your response is "untrained eye." And if your financial adviser simply said "don't buy" without asking further questions about your goals/strategy, you should consider firing him/her. Are you a growth investor? A GARP investor? A value investor? Are you looking for a tex efficient portfolio? These are HUGE facts that one needs to consider. I ask because I work at one of the nation's largest asset managers and, in my role, I am fortunate enough to sit in on certain Board committee meetings where PMs discuss their funds, holdings, and philosophy on a annual basis with the Trustees (and I have learned a ton). As you would imagine, a few of these funds have leisure exposure. NCLH is in almost all our value strategies. CCL and RCL are in certain of our growth portfolios (sometimes RCL makes it into a value portfolio, but never CCL). It is not hard to see why. In terms of financial ratios and overall corporate health CCL is currently far better off than either RCL or NCLH (their debt to equity ratio is amazingly low). RCL and NCLH are considered value plays because their investments in their products far outpaces CCL (and is why their debt to equity ratios are far higher). CCL is a solid growth stock, but RCL and NCLH are considered by many analysts to be solid value picks. The cruise line that is by far the worst positioned for the future is MSC. Although they are a private company, they do make available financial statements annually and their debt to equity ratio is astronomical. Like 300-400% higher than all major cruise lines. They are making a big gamble that their extensive investment in an effort to expand to North America will pay off. If the economy stays solid for the next 5-8 years I think they should do very well, but if the economy turns, their debt leverage is crushing. All this is just to say, no stock is a buy, hold or a sell simply based on its price. Further, the price of a stock has absolutely zero to do with perceived customer service standards (prices are set in the market based on underlying fundamentals). Also, any investment adviser worth his or her salt will tell you the role that the security would play in your portfolio is as important as anything. Hell, in some of our managed accounts we purposely buy stocks we think will decrease in value so we can harvest the losses for tax purposes to offset unrealized gains in other positions in the portfolio.
  13. My God, there is always someone who goes there. I was simply relaying my experiences on this cruise just like everyone else. My experience is no less valid because my cabin was in a different part of the ship. As for the wedding, sure that is unfortunate and no one would wish that on anyone, but NCL did not sell it as a wedding cruise and they did decide to wed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of hurricane season. That couple should have considered making lemonade out lemons like the other couple on the cruise who got married on the ship on Sunday afternoon in NYC (they also had to cancel their Bermuda wedding). I got married in the middle of a blizzard and some family and friends couldn't make it in . . . I did not demand compensation from any of our ancillary vendors. As for the Atlantis visit, please. They were really looking forward to a excursion that was even a possibility until 5 days earlier? That they had reserved for what, all of 3-4 days? I'm done with this thread and perhaps the NCL Board for a while. The attacks on here seem to be escalating at an alarming rate.
  14. We were also on this cruise and I have to say, of my 6 NCL cruises, this one was by far the best. The weather was accommodating, the seas were as calm as I have ever seen them (save for Sunday night out of NY), the service was first rate and the meals were great. 6 of the 7 days the Haven courtyard roof was open (never happened at sea for us on the Breakaway) and we never waited for anything, anywhere on the ship. Also, seemed like the people on this cruise were far more outgoing and engaging than our past cruises. I enjoyed the Haven on the Escape far more than on the Breakaway. Now, did we go to Bermuda? No. Did we get off the ship at all? No. Do we feel cheated in any way, shape or form? No. We had an amazing, relaxing time and we got to do more on the ship than we otherwise would have. I also find it interesting that people are attaching nefarious intentions to the timing of the Nassau cancellation announcement. We had dinner with the captain and the hotel director early in the week. They said the slowing in Florence's forward momentum was causing unexpected navigational warnings to pop up for later in the week. What they told us was they were still going to try to hold to the itinerary, but if warnings held they would not be able to go to both locations. They said that they would head to GSC and if the seas were too rough for tendering they would race on to Nassau and do a 1-10pm stop there. But if we stopped at GSC and the warnings held we would need to cancel Nassau to go around the storm. The situation was far more dynamic then some people here seem to think. All said, we had a great time and would gladly do a cruise like this again. That said, we've decided to make the switch to a luxury line and are trying a 14-night caribbean on Seabourn in 2020. I suspect we will be back to NCL for our shorter cruises at some point in the future because of how great a time we had on this cruise.
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