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  1. If our check in time for the Panorama is 12:30, what time can we check our luggage? We would like to drop it off and walk over for quick queen Mary tour. BTW, this is for today🥰
  2. Now that Carnival went with pepsi, we will be each carrying 12 packs, as well as our carry on suitcases. Just looking for something to making it easier. TIA!
  3. Yes, half and half is always available on Carnival at coffee stations.
  4. We are flying into Miami the day before we sail. We are scheduled to arrive around 11am. I am thinking a uber to Hampton Inn Brickell, leave our bags, uber to south beach. Wander around a few hours, back to Hampton Inn to shower and rest then roam around Brickell and find a delicious casual dinner place. Where specifically should we request a drop off in South Beach? It will be close to lunch time. Would a tour be better? Any nearby casual birthday worthy restaurants? Thanks for your opinions and advice!
  5. Yes, it was voluntary lol. The mother of the dying child asked me to do it. I did not make a group decision.
  6. I keep mine in my backpack, backup and supplies I pack wherever.
  7. Interesting question! Isn't it fascinating how different people are? I made 28 tie-dye Mickey shirts for a huge make-a-wish trip at Disney World about 10 years ago. Everyone was a good sport and wore them and we all treasure the pictures. Of course there is always one....she reminds me of some of the people who have responded here. "Humiliated." She couldn't stand wearing a man's t-shirt and cut off the hem, sleeves, neck and did her best to look sexy in it. Instead she stood out as a (I'll let you choose lol) The more I cruise, the more I enjoy wearing clothes I would
  8. Just off the Glory, and it was wonderful! I should have never let someone's negative review discourage me. Had many delicious meals off the buffet, hot and varied. The chocolate bar was great. Never seemed crowded even in the casino at night. The comedy was great, cruise director charming. If you are planning on a Glory cruise, I am jealous! Have a great time-it really is all about your attitude. I was even entertained by my neighbors, a couple of old (my age probably) biddies on one side complaining about EVERYTHING, and a 30 something couple on the other side having loud sex on their balcony
  9. Logged onto cruise critic for the first time in a long time and clicked on this thread first. I shouldn't have...leaving on the Glory in 4 days ....
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