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  1. I was able to successfully log in to Royal Up just now and my bid is still pending, so I guess it's just a website issue 😞
  2. I sail this Sunday and have had a Royal Up bid in for quite some time, but suddenly I’m now getting the “30 days” error message after being able to log in as recently as yesterday. Is it typical when the sailing gets this close that it just stops letting you in?
  3. According to the RCI website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates They've now reversed their decision to blanket-ban all Chinese, HK and Macau passports, but are noting that there are multiple countries that their ships travel to that may not allow passengers into the country with those passports. This should hopefully help out a few people in this thread that have been hurt by this decision - hopefully it's not too late.
  4. Based on the information in this link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas-updates It looks like the protocol is being updated now from: Additional health screenings for anyone that holds a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport – regardless of when they were there last. to: Any guests holding a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport, regardless of when they were there last, will not be allowed to board our ships
  5. I guess I can go ahead and cancel my RoyalUp bid for a JS on 2/23 then... In all seriousness I’m very sorry to hear about this for everyone affected
  6. I don't necessarily disagree with your overall point, but I disagree with this part. Below is the text from the third sentence (so not tiny fine print) in the Royal Up email I got from RC: This exclusive offer does not guarantee an upgrade. Upgrades are limited and subject to availability up to the day of sailing.
  7. First photo below is a picture of door locks that I found on the CC Oasis photo page (no idea how old), second picture is #50/68 in the gallery just posted. Definitely look like they're updated RFID locks. Maybe they're going to bring on WOW bands after all?
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