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  1. Hi, Can any one advise of a relatively cheap way to get there please taxis seem really expensive I guess because of traffic. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. Everyone I think we have the answer, this has come from a passenger who is on board right now. They have put this on face book ( Our first stop we saw the divers were under the boat working from when we docked until we left. From what we could make out it was the stabilizer being tinkered with which makes the reason for the rougher crossing over here. Wouldnt have fancied the trip home if the weather broke that again.
  3. Fridays departure looks fun check out storm surfing.com and see friday night into saturday what we have instore Hold tight!!!
  4. I wonder why they didn't miss out one port day and come back on the same day as Queen Victoria, would have been a better option.
  5. On the NHC Noaa.gov 12.40pm today no reports of any activity for the next 48hours in the atlantic no storms showing I think there is more to this than they are letting on especially with all the other cruise lines operating as normal off the coast of Portugal ,Spain and biscay.
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