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  1. We left ours in teh safe after a few days they changed the sensors and told us they where not working . Then I thought what would happen if I let it in the bathroom as there was a sensor in their. We got back on the ship and found the medallion on the bed with a phone message to call down . They asked us please do not to leave them in the bath room any more.
  2. We left ours in the bath room once and they came to the cabin to see what was wrong .Asked us not to do that anymore
  3. Only that you open the door . RFI case solves all that is why they changed out sensors as after we open the door we disappeared. After a few more days they did it again Makes you wonder why ??
  4. I know they are senors BUT I do need them to track me
  5. That works But we put ours in the safe and they came and changed the sensors in our cabin both of them as they thought they where not working The one n the bathroom is really disturbing
  6. We have a light that is usb rechargable with remote works perfect for bathroom. has low and high setting works perfect even thru the walls
  7. You can book it direct off this page that is what we did https://www.milleniumspapv.com/tratamientos
  8. We have changed to Metamorphosis as it is between horseback riding and ship . Makes it easier for us
  9. I just got back a confirmation email from them .
  10. Found the email we got from them last time. They are not at Krystal anymore they have a store front now . The web address is https://www.milleniumspapv.com/ Not as close to port as before
  11. I know last time it took for ever I am sure you can just walk in and they time BUT for us since we are going horse back riding has to be around 2:00 If we do not hear like two weeks before I will call them as my phone calls to Mexico for free and our other one calls anywhere in the world
  12. This is Steve from the cruise you are on April 6 We have been at Krystal before after horse back riding . We are doing that again . We have a email went to Krystal for 2 o clock massage will let you know if not we will go to Metamorphosis
  13. Some in our group may not be up to a lot of walking. Can it be adjusted to have more time in car and less walking? Yes they will make it anyway you want. We had a big list of what we wanted to do and he took us every wear we wanted to go except the cannon shot as it conflicted with the Tropicana You guys do lunch? Yes Lunch and Dinner and drinks at the at a Hotel where I bought cigars and at few other places Lastly, I have heard the guides appreciate some items that are hard to get in Cuba. Did you give anything other than a tip? Yes we brought a Marlins hat for Blexie some sunglasses and candy . It seems like now they take anything you have in volume when you go thru customs. We had not enough for them to question. Lastly we tipped him and the driver
  14. They will take you anywhere you want to go . I would have a list ready if there is something you want to see special to make sure it is in driving range We did 10 hours with him and dinner and then Tropicana https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMErsaCccfV9WFJt-mZQnYJJrRAedkfFIPd5LS_gdVihHPoRRZY7E2BXLlWWc5Psw?key=VGZEZTZMQmRKUFlIUWo3RmxOZ1Z1UmhLanJYVnl3
  15. The ship was fine but the food was a bit too bland for our tastes . But we went for the Itinerary only. Anything else let me know
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