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  1. We having been buying trip insurance by the year from Seven Corners for years they sell by the trip also . They have some of the highest evacuation and includes spouse some do not. Lat year we added covid policy to it . We renew in Dec and will renew the policy with covid. What ever you buy make sure evacuation includes spouse .
  2. I saw them but leaving from Fla is a different story
  3. Has anyone been on a Princess ship that has been vaccinated ? We wanted to know if you have to wear a mask in the public areas ? Thank You in Advance
  4. Do you not do anything but cruise ? Believe or not there are other vacations you could have done last year and this , We do cruise once or twice a year but we also do adult all inclusive twice a year . We where Cancun last Sept height of the covid and in Punta Cuna Dec over the holidays . This year last month Riviera Cancun . Sept another one . Dec we will see what happens on the cruise ship as it is not worth going with a lot of restrictions .
  5. We have a cruise booked Dec 2022 should be back to normal by then . But on the other hand we have been to Plays del Carmen last Sept and in Dec over teh holidays in Punta Cana. Leave for Cancun in two weeks for two weeks We felt safer there than at home
  6. You are the first person to ask here is the list that we know of What happens if you come up positive. Is Celebrity going to cover that cost for lodging ? We have covid coverage on our yearly travel insurance but most policy's do not Louis Constant Fleming Hospital drive - Concordia Red Cross drive - Hope Estate Biopôle Antilles laboratory – Hope Estate.
  7. To fly back to states you have to have a test we flew out of country twice last year and none needed BUT we are going out in April and have to get one to come back home On January 12, 2021, CDC announced an Order requiring all air passengers arriving to the US from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight depart
  8. How are they planing to get passengers a SARS-CoV-2 test before you fly home and If you test positive are you on your own
  9. We have gone to Mexico Costa Mujeres in Sept and Punta Cana in Dec 2020. Mask was needed in Mexico when you walked into a public area only and in Punta Cana no mask needed anywhere . At that time we where not vaccinated . Now we are and are booked April for Playa de Carmen Sept not sure yet and Dec Jamaica We only stay at adult all inclusive have been doing it twice a year for years and on long cruise a year You can go on vacation but land is only way right now and this year no cruises
  10. We buy yearly travel insurance for us it is cheaper. Last year DEC we added covid insurance to policy . As we traveled in Sept and Dec 2020 The main reason we buy it is for the air medical transport as if you do not have that and have to pay for it you can be in for a huge bill ours covers $1,000,000 Plus it covers all of the normal medical trip and lost luggage other ones have . You can buy it by the trip but for us we do about 8 weeks per year so it is better yearly .
  11. I use T Mobile Texting and Internet is free anywhere we go . If you want to make a call it costs the way around it is use a VOIP app Hangouts Dialer or Google Voice are free or Magic Jack is 4 dollars per month . I use an app that comes with my business VoIP system. I know people who use them all never have problems
  12. It is not going to happen doing what you want when you feel like doing it for a long time . We have been in Playa del Carmen and Punta Cana last year Set and Dec and every year 2 twice a year for years had no problems at all . But remember most things are outside and they only allowed 50% plus free covid insurance and starting now they are offering free testing to get home ,. We are Booked for Jan 2023 as cruising should be back to normal by then.
  13. Are you going to agree with this . If one does it they all will soon or later Carnival will restrict access to public spaces, and venues/activities will operate at reduced capacity. The line says it may use a reservation system for public areas including pools, gyms, casinos, restaurants, bars and entertainment productions. SO no matter what you want to do you have to have a reservation
  14. We have been to Playa del Carmen and Punta Cana last year no problems and felt safer than in S Fla Also they are going to make you get a covid test getting on what about getting off as you went out of the country
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