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  1. Once again, thank you all!!! My wife would be in heaven if she could still play tennis every day on the ship, and I love to hike and be outdoors. We do love to talk to everyone we encounter and hear the stories of their travels. We have found a lot of great folks on each cruise and hope to be able to share more of our stories to others as time goes by. We're looking at a couple ships/lines and will book soon enough. Time is the problem, we find we can do one cruise every 18 months or so. We want to try a bunch, but I've already got 2 multi day backpacking trips planned for next year already (18 days on the John Muir Trail for one!). We want to fit in a safari too. Wish we could have afforded to do more of this sooner in life, but very thankful we can now. We're looking at the "expedition" cruises as well, since we love the outdoors so much. You guys are great and I hope we meet some of you all on a trip sometime, Thank you, thank you!!
  2. Wow!! Thank you all so much! You've given me so much more information than I thought I'd get. Unfortunately, many of these cruise lines don't operate out of Los Angeles, but if it means flying somewhere to enjoy our vacation more, than here we come. It looks like a couple good choices to try next, and am looking forward to it. We have enjoyed cruising and want to continue, and thanks to all of you, we are re-invigorated to try again. More research is in order, like the difference between Premium and Luxury. I'm watching You Tube videos as well. Again, thank you very much!
  3. Hi all, I've been looking through the forums so I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time. We're novice cruisers, only 3 times, and all on Carnival for week long cruises. Mostly because of price, and we live in the Los Angeles area so we don't have to fly to get to the ship. We've had a good time, but the amount of drunk people was disappointing. I've read a lot of reviews stating RCCL, NCL, and CCL are very much alike. So my question is this; What lines should we look at to get a better "class" of people (now I hate using class, but I couldn't think of a better description) where drinks aren't being dropped into the pool, no throwing up (we hadn't even left the port), stumbling drunks, and people almost getting into fights. We do enjoy the comedy shows and being active, but also like our quiet time to relax. Thanks to everyone with your vast experience and advice.
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