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  1. Hello, fellow expedition cruisers : In early-2021 the latest information is that "Le LaPerouse" will dock in Auckland early on Monday 8th February (and presumably re-provision throughout the day), take passengers on board (following stringent medical checks) to depart on a modified schedule which now includes a couple of stops in the Chatham Islands, but she will not be permitted to visit Macquarie Island and the Australian Research Base (avoiding the need for a lengthy and costly Military Quarantine Isolation period on return to a port in New Zealand = Lyttleton, near Christchurch).
  2. Ponant's "Le Bellot" has scheduled cruises in New Zealand waters from December 2020 until March 2021, but she will remain in Marseilles to cruise in northern waters once ports in the Mediterranean are re-opened. "Le LaPerouse" has been anchored off Noumea, New Caledonia, for many months, and is currently in Singapore getting its electric engine system upgraded. She will soon take on crew and head for Auckland, New Zealand, so that she can Quarantine for three weeks during December 2020 before commencing a re-organized schedule which will include a couple of trips lasting 14 days down to the
  3. Hello, Cruising Friends : Lorna and Donald Simpson of Masterton, New Zealand, can confirm that we are booked on the Main/ Bridge Deck of "Le LaPerouse" to travel on Monday 8th February 2021 from Auckland/AKL to the Sub-Antarctic Islands for two weeks, disembarking in Lyttleton (near Christchurch) on Monday 22nd February. The ship is currently having its electric engines upgraded in Singapore and will soon leave with crew for New Zealand waters where they will quarantine for three weeks before commencing weeks of cruising with only New Zealand citizens/ residents who are currently in Aot
  4. Thanks for this helpful information. My wife and I are now booked on "Le Bellot" for the second Sub-Antarctic Islands excursion cruise (the first commencing 29 Dec 2020) and our booking is in Privilege Suite 510 on Bridge Deck commencing 8 Feb 2021. # Currently "Le Bellot" is docked in MRS/ Marseille, France -- and CoVid-19 is rampant in Europe as Autumn/ Winter approach. Plans are for "Le Bellot" (and "Le LaPerouse") to be based in Australian & New Zealand waters from 2021 onward, cruising mainly along the Kimberley Coast between Darwin and Broome, Western Australia (and also ar
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