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  1. And you misspelled a word in your original drivel, professor. You're welcome.
  2. Useless pedantry is definitely why I like to visit these boards.
  3. We booked on the Sun May 11th for their May 17th departure. We received an upgrade offer with four days to go. My bid was not accepted, but at least I got one!
  4. Being new to NCL and not understanding or seeing the information about our ship that alcohol was free, we paid corkage for two bottles of wine. We happily drank our wine and never knew until nearly the end of the cruise that we could have drank all sorts of wine without being charged! Every time we ordered a drink, we offered our cards, staff would look at it and nod. LOL, I guess we'll have to pay closer attention to the details next time.
  5. We just got off the sun, and there was a hairdryer in one of the drawers of the vanity of our balcony room.
  6. Great info, thanks everyone. I like the a la cart idea for the specialty restaurants. As for alcoholic beverages in my room, I guess I'll carry on a couple bottles of wine and gladly pay the corkage fee.
  7. Hi there, this will be our first NCL cruise and we are excited to be booked on the Sun in a Sail Away balcony, but of course there are some differences I've noticed right away during the booking process which makes me curious. We like to enjoy a drink at night on our balcony, so we usually pre-order during booking a small bottle of bourbon or something. This wasn't an option during booking this time, so I was wondering if it's possible to order a bottle through room service? We've heard that the specialty dining on NCL is awesome. Do I need to buy a package prior to sailing or may we reserve a table while we are on the ship? Since we will be on the Sun, if you have had a chance to try any of their specialty restaurants, I'd love to hear about your favorite. Are there any adults only areas of the ship or quiet areas we could purchase access to during the day? My spouse will be using some of the time at sea to do some studying while I hang out at the pool, and we don't want to be in the steward's way. Thanks for any answers to the above questions, and any other advice you think someone new to NCL could benefit from.
  8. Thanks for this! We love the T-Pools and going forward will factor that in when choosing a cruise because it is an essential part of our experience.
  9. bichonandon


    I have to agree. My "scrambled" eggs on the Star this week tasted like they had been boiled in a vat of pork fat. If I want lard with my eggs, I'll ask for it. Otherwise, I just want egg. After giving it a couple tries, I switched to hard boiled egg on Lido, and we enjoyed the MDR for breakfast and I ordered fried. There aren't a ton of things that I'd say Carnival does better when it comes to food, but serving eggs is definitely one of them. The omelette station on the Carnival ships I have been on were far superior to Princess.
  10. We just got off the Star yesterday. Our Baja deck balcony was sweltering for at least a full day. We also had to keep our balcony door open, and that led to other problems such as smoke and radio/music noise wafting over from neighbors. Our immediate neighbor to the right was not going to let the heat get them down, and apparently decided to throw a party in their room. The music and smoke was intense. Thankfully, it was short-lived because all of a sudden it was quiet except for one loud-mouth yelling "We had to turn it down because some *&%)@$* complained." LOL. We had a good laugh over that, and no we did not complain but we were grateful someone else did. I have mixed feelings about the A/C situation. On one hand, we did not fully enjoy our vacation because of it. On the other hand, we found it amusing that every time we were in an elevator or sitting near others at an activity, the one exact phrase we heard constantly was, "Everybody's talking about it," meaning the A/C issue. The rumor mill was also in full swing. We heard everything from seaweed to the possibility that since the Star was in Alaska, they didn't know the A/C wasn't working. We were relieved to get a note from Princess which explained everything and as mentioned, offered some measure of a different kind of A/C, acknowledgement and compensation. Still, it was hard to see some people seeming to suffer from the heat. In addition to the folks who were using whatever they could to fan themselves, we saw that at least one person was driven out of their room for the night and took refuge on a reclining deck chair near a pool in order to get some sleep. Even asleep he looked uncomfortable. I guess for us, we aren't disgruntled and we didn't let it ruin our vacation, but we are also lucky we had a balcony and we are physically able to withstand some unexpected heat without consequences. Also, we appreciated the response from Princess before the end of the cruise.
  11. No. You don't have to do anything more than that. You will be charged extra gratuities at times, check your receipts when you are at the bar. I don't think it's ever helpful to tell people what they should and shouldn't be doing but I will state what we do: We do not prepay our gratuities, but we never have them taken off the bill. Also, on the first day we give our steward and head waiter $20 in full view of their team. Then on the last night, if the service has been over and above, we give them each another $20 in the same fashion.
  12. Wow, I guess timing is important. Our Oct 1st cruise is the same itinerary except on the Star Princess!
  13. This is an FYI for other novice cruise pax like me. YMMV so please feel free to add your experience. My husband booked directly with Princess. He purchased an unobstructed ocean view for an early Oct departure. Then today we found out the prices had dropped on other sites. It wasn't a huge drop, but with the cancellation fee included, we would be looking at paying an $80 difference total for both of us if we cancelled and booked a balcony through a TA site. My husband called Princess, and they were able to offer us a balcony for $70 total extra. So they price matched an upgraded room. Having already looked this up on here and elsewhere, we didn't expect anything, maybe a little onboard credit, but we were happy to get a balcony for a great price. This will be our first balcony!:):):) Sorry for all the smilies, I couldn't figure out how to delete them!
  14. That's so nice of them! Do they offer vegetarian sandwiches too? If not, that's fine, I'm happy with all the scones and can't wait to try this cream!
  15. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I'm loving all of this information, and especially the extra advice regarding personal preference. I was discussing it with another member of our traveling group, and she wondered if there is a dress code. Well, that's been answered so this is great! Very much appreciated!
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