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  1. You can drive from NOLA to Gulf Shores! It's a beautiful drive, stay off of the interstate, take the highway and go on the ferry! You can explore NOLA for a few days and then go east to GS!! We did this exact vacation 2 years ago and it was really a good time!!
  2. Don't you think that this is totally a personal decision??? If you are afraid to go on a cruise a year from now, then you probably shouldn't plan to go. You will fret and worry until that time. And no one here knows how things will be in a year! Everyone can offer opinions, but they are just like ....... everybody has them!!!
  3. We love GT! Been there 3 times, will gladly go back! This time we rented a Golf Cart and drove to the lighthouse! We have also had a blast at Margaritaville! The shopping area is great! Visited Jack's Shack this time. One of our favorite ports!
  4. We just got off the Sensation on Thursday! There was cleaning done everywhere 24 hours a day! Hand sanitizers everywhere! It was a fantastic cruise! We ported at Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau, fantastic ports and we had a great time!!
  5. We love GT! Been there twice and going back in a few days! Beautiful island, really cool Margaritaville. I would go to GT every cruise!!
  6. You do know that you can get the same wait staff at Your TIme Dining?! We always request the waitstaff that we like!
  7. Royal Harmony is not Carnival, so I don't think this happens on a Carnival ship?!
  8. Curacao is a neat city to just walk around. Grand Turk is a great beach day. We did a private tour at Aruba and hit all of the landmarks. The Horizon is a great ship! Just do you homework on the elevators.
  9. I didn't either, but I she said that was what happened!
  10. That's right - I forgot about the manifest submission. However, I thought that was primarily used for terrorism suspects. Not entirely the case! Had a friend of a friend who was ready to embark with her husband, Homeland Security came and arrested him for outstanding warrants in Florida, he spent the cruise time in jail and she had to go ahead and go on the cruise!!! They wouldn't even let her get off the boat!
  11. Is there anywhere near the ES to get 12-packs of soda and wine, and other stuff?
  12. You can check in for YTD at 5:30, generally the tables are ready, and you straight in and eat. No problem!!
  13. I didn't realize that there is an airport on Grand Turk?! Good to know!!
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