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  1. Jimm1245

    Bermuda Beaches

    I agree Horseshoe Bay is the friendliest beach. There are facilities, food, and umbrella and chair rentals. There is the main beach which is beautiful. To the right is an awesome cove to swim as well. If you take the walk to the far end of the beach all the way to the left, you will find more little coves and some of the most beautiful scenery on the island.
  2. We are on the May 26th cruise. Have been on the Dawn 3 times before, last being in 2014. We use to always bring a case of water but I hear that is not allowed anymore. I had went on the NCL site and ordered a case for our cabin, of course it is pricey but worth the convenience. They say the ships water is fine but who knows. We use to bring a 12 pack of soda which we also are not allowed to do anymore. Not too thrilled about that. Even though we have the beverage package, it is still nice to have soda handy in the cabin. Only option for that is to pay the mini bar prices, which of course are not included in the beverage package.
  3. This has really happened? What is your source? Was the person leaning over? I reread the rules and there is nothing about a $250 minimum, that is it. Let me know where you got this info from. I probably don't plan on doing it as I am not a huge smoker and I am hardly in the room to begin with, but it is a stupid rule for balconies and I am mostly curious.
  4. Has anyone realy ever gotten caught? And if so, how??? Someone complains?? Unless there is photo evidence, which would mean someone would have to reach a camera around your divider, it is your word against theirs. Unless you get multiple complaints from different parties, I would just deny. I mean use common sense, see where the wind is blowing, if someone is next to you and the wind is blowing that way, don't do it. Fact of the matter, it is a stupid anti smoking rule as is any which bans smoking in open air areas. So if you do get caught, it is a $250 fee, big deal after all the charges you pay anyhow. That also includes the state room, hell, I should just pay the fee upfront and enjoy smoking in my stateroom the whole cruise. I wouldn't do that, but if it is a one time fee, what is to stop someone from doing that?
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