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  1. Who cares what this guy is doing? No one's business. This reminds me of middle school gossip. Go have some fun instead of here for the past hour.
  2. Details? The very diversified staff was rude to you and had to apologize?Fishy
  3. No problem. I am pretty sure you will love it.
  4. Actually, the first time arriving in Ocean Cay, is scheduled to be Nov. 13th.
  5. Great location. Very nice hotel. Is actually in walking distance to the port. I think you will be happy with it. Restaurant is very expensive. Eat elsewhere.
  6. Good to know, yet you chose to only accept the advice from the person that gave you instructions of how to remove the tips. You also posted this under the forum of Ask a Cruise Question and ignored all of that advice also. So happy you found 1 person to confirm your theory is right. Hey, what goes around comes around.
  7. I would tend to agree with you, but think about this for a second. You are sitting on your balcony as your wife gets ready to shower. All is very quiet as you are in port., which is the only time they wash the windows. Hmmm. Did this man not hear anything? Didn't hear the scaffolding? Didn't hear them talking? Most importantly, didn't hear the very loud sound of water hitting the ship? What would be the first thing you would do. I would stand up, go over to the railing to see what was going on and what the noise was. Pretty sure most people would. So: A. He wasn't out on the balcony, which is why he never heard any noise, and he saw the men through the open drape window, grabbed his phone or camera and took a picture. B. He WAS on the balcony, DID see and hear the men and took a picture. Great opportunity to complain, right? Get something for free or perhaps OBC. Keep in mind, he did not mention his wife's ailment until later in the thread, so I tend not even to believe that either, because that would have been an important detail, if not the most important. If ANY of this is true, a couple of other details. The men are out in the sun. Could they even have seen the woman? They would have to squint and focus to see through the window. Why would a low self esteem woman disrobe in broad daylight in front of an open window? I am assuming she is no spring chicken and neither am I. Just can't picture it. He does not sound like he is trying to protect his wife. Sounds like he's wants some sort of compensation or much, much more. Cannot stand people that screw the system. Peeping Tom? Give me a freaking break. A peeping tom is someone that deliberately seeks out their prey. These poor men were just doing their job.
  8. YC drinks included all over the ship, not just in the YC area. Very, very few drinks are excluded. It used to be you could only drink in the YC area, but they have recently changed that.
  9. You really cannot compare the Preziosa to the Seaside. Very, very different ships. Seaside is amazing.
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