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  1. Congratulations! We were similarly situated and mine came through almost 1 year later. Good luck in deciding.
  2. Mine expired and I just decided to let it go because I waited nearly a year for my refund and I just didn’t have the energy to worry about it anymore. Why anyone would give Crystal a cent these days is bewildering to me but that’s just me.
  3. Sorry to hear your experience — not unlike my own. But I did get my refund the other day after 347 days. People kept asking why I didn’t go through Chase, etc. I tried. Then some people made snarky comments about being able to afford a Crystal cruise, etc. I can and I have taken many. That’s not the point. It’s about smart money management. Well now they are about to start taking people’s money again as of April, I believe, for their 7 day Bahamas cruises and they have miraculously found money to refund people who have been waiting nearly a year. I am so disappointed in Crystal. Cave
  4. Hello, I received a refund of my deposit (less admin fees) for the cruise I canceled on April 5, 2020. I believe it took 347 days. I was hoping to make it before the one-year anniversary and I’m glad I did. Thank you, SusiQft for your monitoring this thread and your work on this. I have no intention of cruising any time soon, with the slow roll out of vaccines worldwide and new coronavirus variants continuing to crop up around the world. I also would be very hesitant to commit funds to a privately held foreign company again for the foreseeable future. Caveat emptor
  5. April 5 is, ironically, the date last year that I canceled my cruise and I’m still awaiting my refund, so I was very hopeful to see this! Thank you for posting!
  6. Different countries have different rules, different credit cards have different benefits and restrictions, and not everyone uses credit cards, believe it or not.
  7. I’m in the same boat, so to speak. Refund requested on April 5. I’m beyond the frustration point and just think we just have to wait and perhaps we’ll never see the refund. The last time I checked with my Crystal Cruise “consultant” in December I received a non-personal canned response that we’ve all seen, but then she did send me screen shots indicating the refund request is, at least, still “pending” after I followed up. Now someone is going to ask me why I haven’t submitted a request through my credit card as if I hadn’t thought of that already. Don’t give up hope but just know that it
  8. Also part of the 37%! Hoping to get my refund before my one-year anniversary of cancellation (Apr 5, 2021)!
  9. Hello and sorry for your frustration. On the other thread most of the people who have received their refunds appear to have done so through credit card disputes, but for those for whom that is not an option (myself included unfortunately) there have also been some refunds. I’m still awaiting my refund from my cancellation on April 5 but haven’t given up hope entirely. I confirmed they are still listed as “pending” as of last week. Best of luck to you.
  10. Thanks very much. Since my cancellation was 3 days later I will continue to hold out hope. Cheers!
  11. As I stated in my post my bank didn’t come through for me. I have stated repeatedly that disputing with a credit card company is not an option for everyone. My question is whether anyone is getting a refund from Crystal outside of these avenues. Thanks.
  12. Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States. I wasn’t able to get help from my bank so I continue to wait for my refund for my cancellation submitted on April 5. It had been a couple of months since I checked in with my Crystal Cruise consultant and now she’s gone from “it looks like it should be any day now, check back in a week if you haven’t received it” to the canned response below. I’m wondering if anyone who isn’t able to get their deposits/payments through their bank will ever see their money again. And yes, I can afford it. For me it’s a matter of managing your money not whether
  13. Question, notwithstanding the admin fee in dispute did Crystal and citi confirm that the rest of your refund is now final? Thanks
  14. I’m sorry I said my request was on March 5 but April 5 is correct. I’ve been cooped up so long due to the pandemic my sense of time is a bit off. I am still waiting but have been told that they are processing requests from the beginning of April by my Crystal rep. I hope to have some better news soon. Thanks very much for your work on this.
  15. It’s not an option for some people. I’m glad it was for you and I hope you got your refund.
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