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  1. WooHoo! Thanks OP! I’ve been checking periodically for this , but love when someone gives the heads up! Just saved $150 on our next cruise. Hubby and I both have a AmEX blue cash card and both got the offer! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  2. What’s the best way to buy the stock? E-trade? A brick and mortar stock broker?
  3. Salad bar for lunch, French Toast for breakfast
  4. 🙄Unfollowing this thread! It has ceased to be about useful hints and become a petty argument.👋🏼
  5. On the Breeze, our GS was 1/2” too short and they wouldn’t let him go. It’s really up to how strict the attendant is. I wouldn’t get his hopes up, just in case.
  6. Sorry to hijack this thread, but IslandStar, it seems you live in Grenada? We are coming for our first time in January 2020. Any other must do’s there? The Chocolate factory and coffee sound perfect to me.... and I definitely want to pick up some nutmegs and a spice necklace. We like snorkeling, adventure, tours, walking, whatever....
  7. Oh, that’s better! I don’t know what the site I was looking at was about. I wondered how anyone was buying it if it was that much!
  8. I just looked into it. Is that right? It costs $400,000 currently to buy 100 shares???
  9. I would be a singer, chef, or work in camp Ocean.
  10. In general, people just need to pay closer attention to their surroundings. Some people seem completely oblivious. People on scooters especially. I have been run into/over so many times on a cruise! Also when lined up for an event, show, dinner, whatever, if other people have been patiently waiting, don’t come out of the elevator and expect to be first in line just because you are on a scooter 🤦🏻‍♀️. This happened SO may times on our Journeys cruise, and let me tell you there are a LOT of scooters on those!
  11. Eagle Creek packing folder for packing men’s suit, dress pants, dress shirts, and polos without wrinkles in a very small space! Helps keep us carry on only, even for longer cruises! https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Creek-Garment-Folder-Medium/dp/B00F9S81KY
  12. I pack my hubby’s suit in an Eagle Creek packing folder per instructions, along with a couple more pair of dress pants, 2-3 dress shirts and a few polos. All of them fit. No wrinkles!https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Creek-Garment-Folder-Medium/dp/B00F9S81KY
  13. I downsize farther every cruise we take. We just did a 13 day in January with one carry on suitcase and a backpack each and that’s bringing our own snorkel gear. Yes we had formal night clothing also. There are tons of pack light videos and blogs out there with tons of tips. I especially like Adventures with Sarah. Some things that have worked for me are packing cubes and solid toiletries from Lush. The Eagle Creek packing folder held my husband’s suit 2 dress shirts, 6 polos, and 2 pair of dress pants with no wrinkles. I don’t buy anything that wrinkles. Mixing and matching makes for a lot of outfits.
  14. As far as good excursions, Chankanaab Park in Cozumel is a great choice for groups with various age groups. My 4 year old GS loved it and there was plenty for everyone to do.
  15. How about the opposite. I’m all for no buffet!🙋🏻‍♀️
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