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  1. I just looked for my cruise in January, no longer listed!
  2. I think restrictions should have more to do with health than age. I’m 48 perfectly healthy, and take no prescriptions. I know plenty of people younger than me in poor health with co-morbidities that would be more adversely affected by the virus. I also know people older (my mom) who are in perfect health. Health is, however, harder to prove than age.
  3. Well I for one have a 7 day booked for October 24th out of Galveston, and I hold out hope that it will still sail. I will gladly be a guinea pig.
  4. We were booked for a B2B on the Breeze in January. I wouldn’t mind moving to Port Canaveral if they open up any cabins on the Breeze, but I have no idea of what the itinerary or price is right now as this doesn’t even show up on the booking engine yet.
  5. Here in Iowa the numbers keep going down. The only person I personally know that got it is my 92 year old grandpa in a memory care facility where he has been isolated since the beginning. He only has contact with masked nurses, bathed in hand sanitizer. Me, I’ve been traveling all over, shopping at stores, getting together with medium to large groups, and hugging my friends, all sans mask. I gave blood the other day and they tested it, no COVID-19. Grandpa is fine BTW, completely asymptomatic.
  6. WooHoo! Thanks OP! I’ve been checking periodically for this , but love when someone gives the heads up! Just saved $150 on our next cruise. Hubby and I both have a AmEX blue cash card and both got the offer! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  7. What’s the best way to buy the stock? E-trade? A brick and mortar stock broker?
  8. Salad bar for lunch, French Toast for breakfast
  9. 🙄Unfollowing this thread! It has ceased to be about useful hints and become a petty argument.👋🏼
  10. On the Breeze, our GS was 1/2” too short and they wouldn’t let him go. It’s really up to how strict the attendant is. I wouldn’t get his hopes up, just in case.
  11. Sorry to hijack this thread, but IslandStar, it seems you live in Grenada? We are coming for our first time in January 2020. Any other must do’s there? The Chocolate factory and coffee sound perfect to me.... and I definitely want to pick up some nutmegs and a spice necklace. We like snorkeling, adventure, tours, walking, whatever....
  12. Oh, that’s better! I don’t know what the site I was looking at was about. I wondered how anyone was buying it if it was that much!
  13. I just looked into it. Is that right? It costs $400,000 currently to buy 100 shares???
  14. I would be a singer, chef, or work in camp Ocean.
  15. In general, people just need to pay closer attention to their surroundings. Some people seem completely oblivious. People on scooters especially. I have been run into/over so many times on a cruise! Also when lined up for an event, show, dinner, whatever, if other people have been patiently waiting, don’t come out of the elevator and expect to be first in line just because you are on a scooter 🤦🏻‍♀️. This happened SO may times on our Journeys cruise, and let me tell you there are a LOT of scooters on those!
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