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  1. Off the Breakaway 3 weeks ago, We rented a cabana (Big enough for 6 people), we received no food! We were given 6 bottles of water. Someone did come around every couple of hours to see if we needed drinks
  2. Really? "You better be wearing headphones." Where in the original post did it say they were going to be playing their music out of their device? Why the need to scold them before knowing the facts? You might as well tell everyone to use sign language because its the height of rudeness to make the unilateral decision that people around you have to listen to other cruisers conversation...
  3. My mom had direct flights from YYZ to MIA this past Feb. If I remember correctly it was AA on the way to MIA and Air Canada on the way back to YYZ
  4. I know, I know first world problems here...already booked on the Escape for Jan 2021 from Orlando -> Dominican Republic, Tortola, St. Thomas, and Great Stirup Cay, we have been to Tortola, St. Thomas, and Great stirup cay on previous cruises, and are going to those three island in Feb 2020. For a couple hundred dollars more we could Fly to San Juan and go to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia. The A,B,C islands would be new to us, and we have always wanted to see those islands, however it's on the Epic and lets just say the Epic doesn't have the greatest of reputations. The "couple" hundred dollars would increase as we would fly into San Juan a day early and would need a hotel (Note: We are also flying into Orlando a day early and will also need a hotel). Out of the NCL ships we have sailed, the Escape is my favorite. What are your honest thoughts on the Epic and the Itinerary? Thanks
  5. That’s nothing...I looked at 7 day southern from San Juan on the epic Jan 2021...it was ok $3,900 Canadian then I added flight from Toronto...priced jumped to over 14 million
  6. its been a few years since we were in Bermuda, but they had a sunset rum swizzle catamaran cruise. This was our favorite excursion we have been on. The Rum Swizzle was fantastic...oh and the sunset was nice also 😜
  7. My thoughts exactly. We can all be arm chair quarterbacks but until your put in that situation yourself, I don’t think any of us can say with any certainty we wouldn’t have done the same.
  8. We had money show up on our on-board account, all three us each received $5, I went to guest services to find out what it was, and was told. When you book they are not 100% sure of the actual port taxes. Turns out on our cruise we paid $5 too much, so they refunded everyone $5. Because we didn’t have any on-board charges they gave it to us in cash, others would have that amount deducted from what they owed at the end of the cruise.
  9. That’s strange, I would call them back and just tell them you want to travel the day prior to your cruise and you do not need a hotel and you do not need any transfers. That’s what we did. They wanted $77/person (Canadian) for transfers, I can take an Uber from Orlando to Port Canveral for a heck of a lot cheaper than that. They will charge you an extra $50/person to fly in the day before.
  10. That is correct, we are taking advantage of the free airfare for our cruise in Feb 2020. Flying out of Toronto in Feb the day of the cruise was not going to happen. Called NCL and for a fee ($50/person) you can fly out the day before, possibly even two days prior to your cruise. You could also fly back the day after your cruise (not sure if that was another $50/person or not, being NCL i would imagine it would be).
  11. Beer is a no go as the bartenders open the beers for you, even if you are ordering two. I did manage to grab one unopened beer and quickly put it in my pocket and went straight to the stateroom mini fridge. I was able to bring that one on the island. Beer on the island is about $10.
  12. while i have not personally requested one, we just got off the getaway and i did see our room steward had some at his cart.
  13. I am guessing they are running into database memory problems, i'm sure their database has well over 30 million entries, The Norwegian thread alone has over 6700 pages, dating back to 2007. They should archive posts older than a few years old, as i imagine most of the content that old, is no longer relevant. Just my 2 cents.
  14. You seem to be upset? Did something I type offend you? Sorry, my ignorance which stereotypes are you referring? I always include the gratuities in my cruise fare as it's one last thing I need to worry about at the end of my cruise, and if the gratuities go up in price...well I guess I get to save some coin...but that's not what this thread is about, it's about how to travel from FLL airport to Miami to which you and I have both stated our preferred method.
  15. $4 x 3 = $12 + $10 uber to hotel in Miami as I don't stay downtown = $22 versus $15 x 3 = $45 to a downtown Miami hotel plus $x for uber to hotel that is not downtown, but lets use $10. $45 + $10 = $55. That is a difference of $33 USD or $43.89 CDN. To save even more money you could get off at the stop prior to MIA and then transfer to the metrorail(Sorry I haven't used this option yet, possibly in Feb) that goes downtown, Then transfer to the metromover which will take you right downtown by the Bayfront park. So like I said the way I do it may not be for everyone. Its apparent to me that you and I have differing opinions as you have questioned me twice. I would like to apologize to everyone as it seems I have given my opinion on a question that was asked by someone looking for other peoples opinions/experiences. It seems that there is only one correct answer to this post and that is to use SAS or Jiffy Jeff as according to SNJCruisers
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