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  1. I am curious if anyone else is getting a runaround from RC as far as receiving refunds for this cruise and TransPacific that was set for April 20th out of Sydney. As everyone knows, cruises were cancelled in March due to Covid-19. Have been waiting since for full refund for both cruises. Have received a total of $8,186.66 in refunds...have no idea for what cruise..amounts received have been sporadic and amounts make no sense. There is no explanation for what cruise amounts are for and no one at RC is capable of giving such an explanation. (Example of amounts received: $1,794.00; $266.66; $289.14; $851.88; $50.00; $3,334.24; $126.20; $851.88 and $126.20). We are still owed $5,331.94 which is for amounts owed on both cruises and airfare through Air2Sea. I have called RC at least a dozen times and have spent hours on the phone. I am told refunds are being processed and I will receive within days and/or two weeks. I feel so sorry for the employees assigned with answering incoming calls. They can only pass on information to resolution department and/or supervisors who take hours to give you information. I guess they are far too important to speak to guests personally. We are Diamond Plus members and I am appalled at the treatment we have received and the inability of anyone to give a truthful answer to question presented. I have to thank every employee who has answered the phone when guests call. They are professional and very caring. Shame on employees in resolution department and supervisors for not taking equally responsible and professional care of guests. Next time my final payment is due on a RC cruise, I might just have to make them wait as long as I have had to wait for monies owed. Cruises were cancelled in March by RC. 30-45 days for refund. Have been waiting 90 to 120 and was just told it will take another 45 days for refunds to be processed. No excuse!
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