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  1. Since the post is from 4 months ago, you are correct!
  2. Couldn't care less how you feel about my reply
  3. we are thinking about taking of doing another Alaskan cruise on Eurodam during that same time frame. Haven't been on the other lines, but our 2018 Eurodam cruise was great! had cabin 5065 (verandah) and we absolutely loved it. No noises at all. Only bad thing we enncountered was, when you were in your cabin, you couldn't understand any messages being announced over the PA system.
  4. Couldn’t care less more interested in finding out any major differences between the 2 ships which apparently there aren’t any
  5. I tend to agree with you. Our Eurodam cruise said it was tendered in Sitka but we were tied up at the dock
  6. We never did try the Tamarind. The extra deck might explain why Eurodam has a slightly bigger passenger capacity.
  7. My mistake Eurodam is more expensive... oops!
  8. Basically just which glacier area they visit as best as I could tell
  9. We are starting to plan a return trip to Alaska. Our first one was on the Eurodam and we absolutely loved it. Just saw Oosterdam has a slightly different itinerary and a tad more expensive. So my question is has anyone tried both and which did you prefer and why? We just look forward to relaxing and try the different dining options.
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