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  1. we are  thinking about taking of doing another Alaskan cruise on Eurodam during that  same time frame. Haven't been on the other lines, but our 2018 Eurodam cruise was great! had cabin 5065 (verandah) and we absolutely loved it. No noises at all. Only bad thing we enncountered was, when you were in your cabin, you couldn't understand any messages being announced over the PA system.

  2. We are starting to plan a return trip to Alaska. Our first one was on the Eurodam and we absolutely loved it. Just saw Oosterdam has a slightly different itinerary and a tad more expensive. So my question is has anyone tried both and which did you prefer and why? We just look forward to relaxing and try the different dining options.

  3. There are multiple stewards working on each deck. The stewards also come and go as their contracts are up.


    So unless someone is in the same set of rooms as your cabin is in and the steward hasn't left because of the end of contract, no one can give you that information.



    Thanks for enlightening me!

  4. As part of our cruise package this September, we have 3-4 meals available from a couple of the specialty restaurants.

    Question is when do we choose when to use those nights (wait until we board, as soon as possible, any time we want)?? Thanks in advance!!

  5. since it's Eurodam in September, pretty sure their stops are Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. Not sure what's "vague". We don't want to do what the cruise ships offer. We want to give our money to local businesses. As I mentioned the words "visit, see and eat".

  6. First time HAL Alaska advice needed.....

    We are planning on our first HAL Alaskan cruise and would like some advice...


    We're planning on a Sept dateline hoping there will be less kids on the trip and choosing HAL because the "megaships" don't really interest us.


    1. What weather/clothing tips do you suggest?

    2. Any suggestions on what level to book with a balcony?

    3. Is a balcony in September worth the additional $$ outlay?


    Any other useful information would be greatly appreciated, as my questions are probably answered somewhere "deep in the bowels" of this website and I'm just too lazy to search!


    Thanks in advance!

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