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  1. Qsine began the rollout of LPC first this past April and have continued. The location is the same as Qsine in the Specialty Dining area on Deck 5. There are two seating as everyone is to experience LPC at the same time.
  2. You can purchase a variety of mobility scooters for a couple of weeks of "rental" rates. The airlines transfer them as a mobility device just as they would a w/chair, walker etc. In other words..."no fee") A good place to begin looking at them is Amazon to compare issues such as wt capacity, speed, how far they can go on a full battery, turning radius and other things you wonder about...and of course, the price!
  3. Ours is a 9-night cruise that involves a week and a Friday out of school. Not too bad, so hoping for a couple dozen kids or more...enough to divide up without the ship being over-run. Sailing during holidays and spring break is not my preference...and parents are willing to take them out as they are all in honors classes. I understand that makes us doubly fortunate and do appreciate it! Thanks for all your input. I will explain to them in advance that their groups will depend on # of kids on board that register! At least the 13 yo will likely be in the older group...because that is such a strange age...are they a kid or a young adult? (she would like to be option B...most of the time) LOL Becky
  4. My grandkids are eager to know how the age ranges for kids club broken down...and if any of them would be in the same group (GASP!) They are 9, 11 & 13. TIA for any insight you can give me! (Ship is Silhouette.) Becky
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