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  1. Really enjoyed reading your review, thank you for the link! Sounds like a great trip. I’m really glad we chose to do some land touring. I have a feeling it’s only going to whet our appetite to visit Alaska again! \
  2. We’re headed for Alaska, cruising on the Noordam with a few days on land before. We have just recently been alerted by another cruiser that while traveling Anchorage > Denali > Seward, there are luggage restrictions. The information I found through HAL is a bit confusing (as is almost everything about HAL) but what I’m understanding is that once we take off for Denali on the train, we’ll be allowed one SMALL carryon for the train (like a backpack) that stays with you, and one small roller bag (like you would carry on to a plane) that will be stowed until we arrive in Denali. All other luggage will be tagged and stored until we get back to Seward. Am I reading this correctly? If so we need to rethink our packing plan very quickly. Would appreciate any insights from someone who has taken this itinerary in the past. (Also... tried searching and couldn’t find anything on this topic on the boards, so please forgive if this is asked and answered already.)
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