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  1. That's what I'm hoping for! We'll be on the second sailing out of dry dock.
  2. I also just finished a cruise 10-21 on Elation! Overall, a great cruise for us. We had an OV on deck 4. We did experience very low water pressure the first night in our sink (shower was fine). We asked our stateroom attendant about it the next afternoon, and later the night it was fixed. Our a/c did fine, but we also take a small box type fan with us for circulation. We also noticed some of the upholstery was coming apart here and there, as if it was done in a rush. The inspiration dining room looked great, glad they got rid of those booths! There was still finishing touches being done almost everywhere. Painting, tile work, trim. Upper decks on the front of the ship were taped off, work still in progress. But there was nothing that we could not overlook, and we really had a great time! Staff was great. Oh, but the Pizza Pirate, there was always one guy working (that we could see) and he would disappear to the back for minutes at a time, come back with a couple of pizzas, which would be gone in a matter of seconds. It seems to me the need to invest another worker or two to keep up with the demand, because he always seemed to be overwhelmed! And oddly enough, it seems I always saw the same guy working, lol. The new Guy's Burger Joint was good, and they kept that line moving pretty smoothly. Same with The Blue Iguana. Oh, and there is a buffet at breakfast with an omelet station at Guy's, with cereals, yogurt and milk at the condiment station. We got breakfast there, and there never was much of a wait. Some areas of the ship didn't get updated, but overall, it looked pretty fresh. Also, I do believe the ducktail that was added helped to stabilize the ship a little more. We cruised it last November, and the movement was the worst I'd ever felt on a cruise, it what seemed to be fairly calm water. This year, the seas were a lot rougher, but the ship was really steady on all but one night. I'd cruise her again. Matter of fact, I will in January of next year!
  3. I was on this cruise as well, Deck 4 OV, and we had a refrigerator in our room. 1st night, we had very little water pressure in the sink (shower was fine). We asked our cabin attendant about it, and it was corrected that evening when we returned after dinner!
  4. I experienced the same delay in getting my license last year, only having a temporary paper license. The last time I had renewed, they were made on the spot, so this caught me off guard. I called Carnival, they didn't seem like they had ever been asked about this before, read to me the "valid identification" policy listed earlier, and suggested I call customs. I couldn't get any answers at customs (phone wise), so I was prepared to spend the week in Cocoa Beach while my family cruised without me if I was denied boarding. I submitted my license that had expired 4 days prior, and it was business as usual. No one with Carnival, no one in Nassau, no one in Freeport, nor US Customs seemed to care or notice that it was expired. They only looked at the picture, and then me. I never even brought up the paper license, though I did have it in case the expiration came up. And I have since gotten a passport!
  5. I'm on for the 16th as well. If these storms keep it up, we may be the first post dry dock sailing!
  6. Just off of Enchantment a couple of weeks ago, and yes, they had the party leaving Nassau! And the food was AWESOME! They actually had a huge grill cooking on briquettes on deck!
  7. Yes, maybe it was Super Saver. It's no big deal, I just like looking at the location and trying to figure the surroundings ahead of time. Thanks!
  8. Hey folks, I have a question. I'm fairly new to Carnival, and have booked an Ocean View room on Sunshine for this July. It's the early saver where they pick my room for me. I have used this option with RCCL once, and my rooms were assigned as soon as I got notification of booking the same day, even though the cruise was a few months away. This was not the case for the Carnival cruise, and I just wondered what the time frame was for others, or if it just varies? Just curious, thanks!
  9. Just off Enchantment of the Seas. A couple that went with us bought a case of water at Wal-Mart the night before in Cocoa Beach, I told them I didn't think it was allowed. My wife calls RCCL, they say it's not allowed. He decides to take his chances, puts a few in his suitcase, says worse case scenario they will take it. Makes it onboard to the room, no problems. But I recall seeing people carrying cases in the past, though I don't recall how far or if it made it on."
  10. YES! Makes the sail-away parties much better! Didn't care for the broken up parties on Freedom,
  11. Just there last week, they have wheelchairs available almost as soon as you get off the tender, with the jumbo wheels to make it through the sand. Not sure if they are free, or if you have to rent them, but I bet Carnival could tell you. Surely a gentleman would help to get her somewhere she could settle. I would! Best of luck!
  12. BRAVO!!! So true!!! Seems too often folks are ready to pounce. :mad:
  13. I suppose I should let my next patient choose their own path of treatment? If you're going to have a heart attack or stroke, you need to be in the know of current treatments, medications and dosages, right? Cruisers just cruise, they don't run the industry. Sure, it's nice to have a little knowledge, but it's also nice for the cruise line employees to have a little more than you to help guide you in the right direction. To insinuate that the OP should have more knowledge as the purchaser than the seller is just ridiculous. Hope you get things straightened out!
  14. I ain't scared of y'all! lol! I just got off of Freedom of the Seas, and it was fantastic! But so was every cruise I have taken on Royal. Personally, I can make due without the upcharges. If I want a burger, I'll eat a Windjammer one. If I want orange juice, it's not the fresh squeezed, it's the free stuff. I didn't even use room service on this last cruise, though it was free until midnight. I drank the "Seattle's Best" coffee (free), not the "Starbucks". Even though RC can charge you more here and there, you can manage without those items. Or at least I can! I am taking my first Carnival cruise in October, and I am going with the attitude that no cruise is a bad cruise!
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