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  1. I am sure this is true! I can't wait for this feature of the Hub app. Unfortunately, that doesn't give us anything to look at to help build the anticipation!! We can't wait for March 16th!!
  2. TNMIMI6 Do you happen to have pictures of the Fun Times that you could share?? Thank you !
  3. We are leaving out of NOLA on March 16. 5 days, porting in Cozumel and Progreso. Looking for the Fun Times for this itinerary. My 17 year old daughter specifically asked for "those daily schedule thingys" 😄 All I can find are the "Schedule thingys" for Glory out of Miami. Thanks so much!
  4. Hmmm, I'm not there yet, not as many years to go as there once were however!!
  5. Can you tell me more Coevan? I don't know ANYTHING about AARP, except that it has to do with retired people
  6. I just found out about the Carnival Gift Cards and I see that they are sometimes discounted. How often does this happen? (We are not AARP members)
  7. I am cruising with several family members and all the ladies would like to get their hair done together. We would like to do this on our first sea day, but when I try to book all of us at the same time, the booking page on the website won't let me. If I book one of us for 2:00, it shows that time is not available when I try to book the next person....even if I try to do a different service. I know there is more than one hairstylist in the spa. Does anyone have some advice??
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