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  1. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Murder Mystery (Participation Theater?)

    My group is interested in doing a murder mystery participation activity in New Orleans. We will be disembarking on March 21 and had thought to spend a couple of nights. I have read several reviews, but they are conflicting, and when I go to the websites there is no Murder Mystery listed, just menus or catering info. Can anyone give me information on this type of activity in NO? Thank you very much!
  2. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Mississippi Delta

    WLHyatt that is a wonderful virtual tour! Thank you for sharing. My family is sailing on the Carnival Glory in March 2019, I will share this with them! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Carnival Freedom Feb 19-26 Fun Times

    I'm sailing on the Freedom in 17 days, THANK YOU for posting these!!! I can hardly teach for thinking about our cruise!!
  4. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    black friday/cyber monday deals?

  5. I found the BF/CM deals from last year, but so far I'm not seeing anything frim 2016. Does anyone know where to look for the Black Friday Cruises? Thanks.
  6. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Week of November 7: Who gets your vote?

    I've only been on one cruise, so I'd have to say Carnival and Caribbean! :D
  7. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Dining room: posh or chic?

    Thank you all for the quick responses! My teenage children are both looking forward to trying food that is new to them!
  8. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Small Bottles for Beach Sand

    I plan to fill the clear glass Christmas ornaments about 1/3-1/2 full of sand from the different beaches. With a cute little tag with the location on it. I brought back a water bottle with sand and ocean water for my kinders to look as last year. I had several students who loved to shake the bottle and watch the sand settle. They loved hearing about the "big ship". I have already told this years students that I'm going in March!!
  9. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Dining room: posh or chic?

    I see on the carnival freedom there are 2 dining rooms. What's the difference? Can I pick where to eat? I assume the same food is served in each...posh is closer to our stateroom, but chic is not that far. Does anyone have any information for me about them? Thank you :D
  10. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Chef on Freedom? Chef's Table menu

    I found my own answer! :D thanks
  11. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Chef on Freedom? Chef's Table menu

    Where can I find out more a about the Chef's table? I don't know anything about it. Only been on one cruise as an adult, but looking forward to cruise number 2 in March. On the Freedom
  12. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Carnival Freedom

    I'm March 2017 we will be in room 2434, I'm interested to see how your trip is and if you hear a lot of ding room noise
  13. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Week of October 31: First Cruise

    I was 13 on my first Cruise. 1989...out of Orlando I think. Somehow the ship was associated with Disney? My parents, a friend of my Dad's, and I. I remember LOVING the ice sculptures, the fancy dining room, and reading on the deck! We took our first cruise as a family last year, hubby, son, daughter, me. I Loved the fancy dining room and reading on the deck. Lol. It was so wonderful to spend time with my family. My kids had such a great time :)
  14. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Carnival freedom questions? Just got back from it

    We will be on the Freedom march 11th...7 days. I'd love to see the main dining room men use as well :). I'm loving this message board
  15. Cruising Kinder Teacher

    Carnival freedom questions? Just got back from it

    I would also like to know about this or any other cooking type classes....I have a budding chef on my hands :)