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  1. As original poster, I wanted to say what we ended up doing. I cancelled the NCL flights and rebooked. The promo was $100 per ticket. Bag fees would have been $180. So original cost was $480. I opened a AA credit card, so 3 tickets were $400, no baggage fees and $50 in taxis. So $450 versus $480, but I had to eat $75 per ticket as NCL only credited back $25 per ticket. So it cost me $675, versus $480. it wasn’t just about the money or the extra travel it was that they quoted me one thing and booked another that was 45 minutes earlier in the morning and almost 5 hours
  2. We paid $4 per person each way for $3 people so, $15 with a tip. That was what we were quoted from 2 different taxi drivers.
  3. I did not see anything written. The $12 was for a lounger with a padded cushion and one drink. I told the waiter that I had read that it was for 2 drinks and he said one drink. Now they did not charge my mother. There were 3 of us, so we paid $24 for 3 loungers and two drinks, but the price quoted was$12 per person which included only one drink.
  4. We were charged $4 per person each way down to Blue Kay in Mahahual. There were 3 of us.
  5. So, HOW should I have know this could not be used for Service Charges??
  6. No problems at all this week. November 2019.
  7. I assumed that on board credit would be applied toward the $15 per day per person service charge. It was NOT and we were stupid and did not use it. My Mom had $100 on board credit that she did not use, so she had to pay her service charges. Has anyone had experience with getting this credited/reversed? RC and I believe Carnival BOTH allow on board credit to be used against service charges.
  8. Yes we just got back and did some snorkeling off of Blue Kay. Not a ton of coral, so not a lot of fish, but there are things to see if you don’t want a ship excursion. The water was very pretty. There are fish around the rocks and There are fish under the pier and I believe it is the location for NCLs beach break/ snorkel excursion. I was with 2 non water folks so I did not spend as much time exploring as I normally would have. We spent the morning at blue Kay and returned to the ship for lunch. I did the afternoon catamaran snorkel with NCL and it was excellent. Healthy re
  9. Is the water nice at Tropicante? Can you snorkel there?
  10. Another question: I am going with My Mom who is elderly and my sister. Both do not want to get in the water, just sit and relax for an hour or 2. I want to shore snorkel and swim. Is Blue kay he place we should ask a taxi driver to take us?
  11. Curious about "malecon you may be pestered by guys hawking loungers at various beach clubs". Are there places where you can find a chair to just sit on the beach? How much should you expect to pay for a chair in the shade?
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