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  1. Thanks everyone! Sort of thought Hank had it backwards, very useful info about getting to guest relations early in Cruise though, will definitely do. Hank, I have been reading your comments for a long, long time, always very informative and enjoyable, and usually I learn something. Everyone happy cruising!! Debbie
  2. We will be in the middle of a cruise when we reach four star mariner, will the benefits begin then or on the next cruise? The cruise will be a Grand Voyage and free laundry would be nice, Thank you, Debbie
  3. Thanks everyone! Now to get to work and decide which is best for us!
  4. Searching for a good hotel, has anyone stayed in a hotel that they really liked? Have been looking but there are so many. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks everyone, seems to me RC is a little more strict with what you bring on, we are elite on Princess, sailed several times with Celebrity and Holland, never had an issue with a fan except in San Diego each time, or drinks replacing the ones that have been drunk. But it's like traveling to different countries, simply enjoy and obey their rules thanks again
  6. Haven't been on RC for a few years now, think we have sailed on the cruise line four times, anyway can we bring small fan and sound machine? Are the cookies delicious in the windjammer and hubby hopes ice cream is great!? I believe I read to bring soda in carry on as we embark, can we bring a bottle of water or another soda on after a day at port? Do we pay for shore excursions when we booke them? Thanks everyone, has anyone been on the Grandeur lately? Any thoughts, Debbie
  7. Can you bring soda or water on board after being off ship at port, or is it just on embarkation? thanks again, Deb
  8. Do all Grandeur ocean view cabins have sofa beds? We have a 3n cabin, the cheapest I believe on Deck 2, and hoping for a sofa. Thought all cabins did but now I'm not sure. thanks once again, Deb
  9. Haven't been on RC in a long time, can you bring water and soft drinks on board? Do they need to be on carry on or regular luggage? thanks, Deb
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