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  1. That area above the spinnaker that's being used as a games room is the old teen club. That space was a total waste of a good area I never saw a person in it in either of the Spirit cruises we took. That's a prime spot good to see it being taken advantage of now.
  2. The old entourage lounge which I don’t remember ever seeing a teenager actually use - what is it now? It was on port side top deck towards the bow. Directly above galaxy.
  3. Have to admit this is a bittersweet topic. Happy that Spirit has been refreshed and looks great but miss the old decor and ship as well. love the spirit hope to sail her again! looking forward to pictures of the galaxy of the stars whatever they call it now and the back of the ship which we really love to have drinks at leaving port
  4. One of my favorite things about the spirit is sitting on the back at raffles and looking aft. Hate to think of the view being blocked by a giant screen. Glad we we get to experience the ship one more time before changes and yet also glad to hear they’re trying to make improvements as well.
  5. Great video, I subbed to your channel. Really enjoyed the SS United States video you made as well.
  6. Which winery did you go to? I took a semi private tour with a small group that took us all over the island and final stop was at Santo Winery, where we hung out in the late afternoon and enjoyed the absolutely spectacular view. I've dreamed of going back ever since and booked another trip to go back in November. Wonder if you were at the same place or another?
  7. Sorry to bump such an old topic but I booked this room for a sailing in late fall and was curious if you were correct that it was quieter with only sharing the one wall with another stateroom? Were you happy with your stateroom choice?
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