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  1. Not sure when this was posted, but here is what is on Princess home page today: ——————- Princess Cruises will continue to work with the CDC on an eventual return to guest cruise operations. We are evaluating the CDC’s new order that sets out the conditions under which cruising can resume, but there are a significant number of requirements that must be evaluated in the context of our plans to resume operations. We ask for your patience as we complete our review. We are committed to communicating more details as soon as possible. ———————— We have a 12/26 cruise booked.
  2. Similar experience to beg3yrs. I went to the BA website using the confirmation number I got got from EZ Air. Seat selection became available after I completed all passenger info. I did not need to speak to anyone. Good luck.
  3. Just had an issue with EZ Air. It wouldn't let me select a return flight even after showing choices. I tried iPad, Chrome and Edge before trying Windows Explorer. Believe it or not, only Explorer worked. So, keep trying different browsers until one works. It was worth the effort because I was able to rebook November/December flights to/from Rome with better schedules at lower prices. Yes, I realize the likelihood of the cruise happening probably decreases at the same, or faster, rate as the airfares.😨 However, there is nothing to lose with flexible pricing.
  4. Thanks Coral and dearinger. Now I know and can take that wishful option off the table.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. To be clear, did you cancel the cruise or did Princess?
  6. Has anyone been able to keep their paid for EZ Air when a cruise is canceled? Here is the scenario behind the question--- --We have a third party land tour in Italy followed by a Princess cruise in and out of Rome booked for the fall. We now have flexible EZ air booked to arrive in Italy in time for our land tour and departing at the end of the cruise. --Obviously, we would not take the land tour or cruise if current travel restrictions hold. --On the other hand, we fully intend to go if travel restrictions are removed, and the cruise takes pl
  7. Call the airline. They will take care of it for you.
  8. Sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. However, I thought I would use your post as the basis for discussing TA OBC. Two experiences on our Ama cruise earlier this year. 1. We met a couple whose TA awarded them OBC. Unfortunately, Ama converted the $US to Euros at a very unfavorable exchange rate, so they didn’t get the full benefit of the TA’s “gift.” 2. Our TA mailed us a check after she received her commission shortly after we returned home. We got everything she wanted us to have. So, while any OBC is better than nothing,
  9. Just got off the Prima a few days ago. I doubt they would give you a bottle. But, you can probably ask for two glasses each and take them back to your cabin. That should last you until dinner when the wine will flow freely.
  10. No worries. We are on the Ama Prima now. No problem choosing bike tours once aboard.
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